My dear fellow Dharmics,

Our households are busy preparing and Diwali and Dhanteras which are just around the corner.  During this 2020 year, we have gone through many challenges.  As this year comes to an end, it is with my whole heart that I request:  if you are to buy jewelry this year, especially this Dhanteras, please buy local, from Dharmic jewelers.

Your local businesses may not be decked out in shiny lights or have employees in matching sarees and shirts but what they will have is unique pieces for you.  You may end up making good business relationships with the local stores and this way you can support your local economy. The local jewelers will not attempt to add you in some discount scheme or some point scheme that promises some outlandish gift in the future based on some made-up loyalty program.

The statement made by Tanishq Jewelry on October 13, 2020 in light of their horrendous advertisement is a ploy to stop the future Dhanteras loss by the company management (stock prices have dropped in the past three days).  One can only assume this is is the current mood in the TATA boardroom right now.

What the statement from Tanishq Jewelry is attempting is to gaslight and project violence.  Please recognize this evil for what it is and not let it in our hearts this Diwali.  Tanishq’s statement is far from an apology and it does not to care about anyone’s sentiments–the statement is made to make sure their pockets are lined this Diwali!! 

Are we going to let that happen?  Surely not on the basis of their lies and propaganda!

Let us never fall for the trap that is laid out. Let us show our strength by taking our hard-earned money to local businesses!  #BoycottTanishq, #BoycottTata, #BoycottTitan

it’s a new day today! Come together and make a promise to yourself: I will support local, Dharmic jewelers, and Dharmic businesses.

May Goddess Laxmi bless you and your household for years to come!

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