Since Kerala has 14 districts that means 1,549 Madrassas per district.

There are 70 panchayats per district, so that makes it 22 Madrassas per panchayat.

That means one Madrassa per kilometre in Kerala.

2,04,683 religious teachers work in these 21,683 Madrassas all together, that means 9 religious teachers per Madrassa.

Their current salary is Rs. 6,000/- per month.

Kerala’s Minority Affairs minister K T Jaleel is also Minister of Higher Education. He was a member of the terror organisation SIMI that was banned by the Govt of India some time ago. He then joined the CPM and now pretends to be a secular Commie.

He has now demanded that the salary of these religious teachers be raised to 26,000/- per month by the govt.

Already the Hindus of Kerala are paying a Jaziya, tax by Kaffirs in the Islamic State of Kerala

6,000 x 2,04,683 = approx 1 crore 23 lakhs per month…

But that apparently isn’t enough for now gold smuggling and terror suspected K T Jaleel and the fanatics behind him.

They now want us to pay

26,000 x 2,04,683 = 5 crore 33 lakhs approx..

Where we Hindus are not allowed to have religious education in our own Temples …and all Temples are mismanaged by the respective state govts … Kerala is paying them our tax money while their religious organisations give back nothing …

What kind of democracy is this?

By Supria Pillai
Image Credit : Wikipedia

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