Plain meaning of dharma is duty.

We 4 dharmas (Hindu, Jain, Sikh & Buddhists) are duty based cultures.

Your duty towards your soul is liberation from the cycle of life and death.

But that comes only after your duty towards all your relationships including the community. A duty based culture is bottom up control and hence you don’t take up arms, injure anyone or blame others for your failures, want freebies from state or separate people based on believers vs non believers like “religions” do. We don’t have preset commandments that define whether we belong or not. Whereas religions are preset commandments to be believed by a mob.

They are rights based culture, so they need hi tech policing to control crimes. We have absolutely non existing law and order and still little crimes because we have bottom up dharma control rather than top down state policing. They have the concept of God, who is supposedly somewhere. And Jesus and prophet mohammad as messengers of God (Paygambars).

Whereas we have Digambers. Mahavir, Buddh, Ram…who actually lived those supreme values on Earth. Ever heard Mahavir, Krishna, Buddh ke naam pe de de?

They come from tribal groupism of loot and we come from a country of abundance. They come from the top down aadesh philosophy (mandatory to being a muslim or christian), we come from updesh philosophy (recommendatory). They believe in ideologies and we seek ideas.

India is absolutely the oldest culture in terms of wisdom of living.

They believe in mob objectives of taking over and conversion. We seek individual liberty by giving away what we have.

So none of these words like religion, God, idol, caste are applicable to us. It’s a half baked language just like they couldn’t spell mumbai and imposed bombay. They imposed their meanings on us.

Their entire circus comes from the vantage point of believing “you are the body and soul is the vehicle”. Whereas we understand that “you are the soul and body is the vehicle”.

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