Long long ago, during the 7th century a prosperous kingdom was attacked and ruthlessly plundered by a warring horde of invaders from the West. But before the invaders attacked this kingdom in North West Bharat they attacked their ally a Buddhist kingdom. Despite the Buddhists trying to negotiate peace with these invaders, since their peaceful Buddhist soldiers did not want to fight. The invaders massacred almost everyone there for the next 5 days. Fortunately, few subjects managed to escape to their neighbouring prosperous kingdom and narrated the tragedy and warned them NO HELP WAS COMING!!

Knowing this may be his last battle, this great king prepared to perform his Dharma! His soldiers were vastly outnumbered 1:3 but they fought bravely till death. However, a few wounded soldiers, survived and escaped.

Yes! The noble king lost!

His family was humiliated! You know what I mean! The menfolk and children of the kingdom were killed and the women trafficked to be sold as sex slaves.

At this point two kingdoms in the NorthWest of Bharat were occupied by these invaders. Now you may think that the other nearby kingdoms succumbed to fear. No, not at all in fact the opposite happened.

How? Let me tell you..

Some kings knew the impending threat that faced the BharatMa they loved. Yet, the lack of unity and consensus amongst all kingdoms was the biggest challenge. These surviving soldiers reached South and here they narrated their tragedy to many, and amongst them a holy brahman was interested to know more and asked all the right questions.

Thankfully, at a young age this Brahman saw that the nation would perish if these glaring mistakes in our society were not fixed immediately. With great urgency his group of holy men with these surviving soldiers as his bodyguards began their mission.

What was the ONE major issue in our country then?

The Buddhist kingdoms were vulnerable to defeat because of their reclusive faith and peace-loving soldiers who wouldn’t fight the enemy.

So he and his holy men allowed their bodyguard survivors to narrate the tragedy of the North West Buddhist and the adjoining Hindu kingdom. Thereby convinced everyone and began the process of re-converting many Buddhist kingdoms back to Hinduism. He travelled to all the main kingdoms of the North, East, West and South of Bharat.

You see all this in the 7th century without internet and mobile phone meant this holy man and his friends had to travel on foot and needed more than a few years to complete their mission.

(And in today’s age we keep ignoring many important issues without looking at the larger picture over silly ego issues. Eg. We will not even try to convince our woke friends of the threat that they are likely to face. Eg. The woke and the bhakt will not talk to each other. Some will believe a particular news channel because they distort the truth sweetly while the Other will trust another news channel because they yell the truth loudly.)

Coming back to our history.. let us go to the finale

Now, the holy man conveys to his chosen Kings that the time is ripe. A grand alliance is formed to repulse and avenge the atrocities committed by those invaders sitting in Sindh. This alliance included 5 Great Kings and other kings from smaller kingdoms. It also included one unsung hero warrior whose legend needs to be told.

This alliance annihilated the invaders army all the way to Khorasan. Now where is Khorasan?

Khorasan includes Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

And after this humiliating defeat the invaders never dared to cast an evil eye at Bharat for more than 350 years.

Let me tell you the Superstar cast of this rarely heard nor read History.

The King who gained martyrdom at the hands of Mohd bin Qasim’s Ummayad Caliphate army was none other Raja Dahir Sen of Sindh, which is now in Pakistan.

The 5 Great Kings are

  1. Bappa Rawal of Mewar Guhilot-Rajput Dynasty
  2. Nagabhatt II of Gurjara Pratihara Dynasty whose soldier Takshak commanded a guerilla battalion of night raiders. Takshak is rumoured to be the refugee son of Raja Dahir’s brave general.
  3. Vikramaditya-II of Chalukya Dynasty who sent his general his Avanijanashraya Pulakeshin and army
  4. Lalitaditya Muktapida of Karkota Dynasty of Kashmir
  5. Yashovarman of Varman Dynasty

the holy Brahman was none other than Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya.

The warriors and their families who managed to flee from Sindh and Gandhara belonged to the famed Nagavanshi tribe and they are direct descendants of Maharishi Kashyapa’s sons – the Nagas. A few of these men always travelled with Jagadguru. Today very few of these Nagavanshis know their brave history that they also fought alongside this alliance to avenge their brethren of Sindh. A few communities that hail from this lineage are – Kodavas of Coorg, Nairs of Kerala and Nadars of Tamil Nadu. These Nagavanshis still have ancient Sarpa Kaavu in their family property or have Nagadevtas as their kula deities. Many of them do not know how much their forefathers have struggled to rebuild their lives centuries ago after becoming refugees.

Hmmn surprised so far! Now let me surprise you more..

Satyameva Jayate!

Truth Alone Triumphs! That’s what it means isn’t it?

How many of us knew these Truths, this part of our history from 7th century to 1st millenia?

Many of us did not know, Am I right?

Do we know that Kodvas of Coorg have defeated Tipu Sultan 31 times

OR that Nairs of Travancore under Maharaja Martanda Varma were the first Asian kingdom to defeat a major European colonial power – The Dutch?

OR that Nadars formed the most powerful undefeatable battalion of the Chola Chera Pandian kingdoms of the South?

I am sure that these communities don’t know that their martial art forms of Kalaripayettu, Adi Murai and Parayakali are from the same source Lord Shiva and Sri Kartikeya

I don’t know how many Bengalis know that Ahoms defeated Mughals 17 times?

Why are these things not taught in our history books?

How many of you know that Rawalpindi in Pakistan is named after Maharao Bappa Rawal? I am sure even Pakistanis don’t know that?

Now let me add – Truth Alone Triumphs when it is given the freedom to spread. For truth to spread people who speak truth should be allowed to live.

In today’s day and age news media is supposed to spread truth and academia is supposed to teach us true history. But is that what is happening now? Now you will ask isn’t this their moral responsibility to teach us the truth? But ask yourself did it happen for the last 70 years? Didn’t the news media hide the truth about the Kashmiri Hindu genocide?

Haven’t people belittled the Hindu genocide of Bengal now as we speak? Haven’t those Bengalis who filed FIRs been attacked?

I am asking you..Isn’t it our moral responsibility to spread the truth to our present and future generations? Because those who did not study their History with logic and reason are condemned to repeat it!

My dear friends, Truth can be buried with lies.. and when buried under well crafted lies it will take decades or centuries to be unearthed again or rediscovered again. When rediscovered there will be hyenas and vultures to divert the issue and defame you. Eg. Ram Mandir

Oh by the way! Those days many of them were fighting on horseback with swords. Yet none of these Kings or warriors were waiting for a Kalki avatar to arrive. Kalki avatar is on horseback with a sword in hand. During the ancient times weren’t most of our kings and soldiers on horsebacks carrying their swords.

Please compare this representational pic of Kalki with the pic of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Metaphorically they are similar isn’t it?

I’m reminding you of this time and again. During the Mahabharata war Sri Krishna told Arjuna, “Establishment of Dharma (moral righteousness/justice) is of utmost importance! Dharma protects innocent people and morality in society. Remaining confused, indecisive and fatalist towards Adharmi immoral monsters would be damaging for the cause of Dharma and civilization”

Until then.. Let us ponder over this.. YATO DHARMA TATO JAYA means wherever there is Dharma there will be victory. Doesn’t this also mean for Truth to Triumph good people must protect it and fight for it? because only then SATYAMEVA JAYATE will truly happen.

Please allow me to rephrase


Peace is the foremost moral duty, but so is violence to protect that peace. Where moral righteousness exists there is victory. Only when the righteous win do they allow truth to prevail

Jai Bharat!

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