Thirumavalavan, a self-proclaimed messiah of a section of Dalits in Tamil Nadu is very well known for his venomous speeches against Hinduism and Hindu traditions; his party the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) and an ally of the DMK on 25th March, 2021 published its party manifesto for the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly elections in a private hotel in Villuppuram, Tamil Nadu.

The manifesto mirrors his policy of rank anti-Hindu divisive policies and far left economic policies which stifles growth of industries and infrastructural development affecting the state’s economic growth.

The VCK’s manifesto, promises to nationalise all temple lands and distribute them to poor Tamil farmers. This makes Hindus wonder whether Thirumavalavan thinks Hindu temples and its properties are his private property to deal with it as he pleases. Moreover why does his formula of distributing free land restrict only to Hindu religious establishments? Why not include the huge tracts of lands and properties owned by the Church and the Christian religious establishments or the Islamic religious establishments?

Is the so-called bold Thirumavalavan, a pussy in front of Christian missionaries and Islamic organisations? What forces are behind this rabid India and Hindu hating political creature who dreams of having an exclusive Tamil nation?

Notably, this habitually Hindu-hating politician on 13th November, 2019 the VCK Chief Thirumavalavan in a public address made some highly derogatory comments with respect to Hindu places of worship. He reportedly said , “If the building has a dome, it is a mosque; if it is tall and straight, it is a church; and if it has dirty idols/dolls, it is a temple”.

Thirumavalavan perhaps does not know that the mosque domes made during the rule of Islamic invaders was invariably just propped up on demolished temples and not made on virgin lands nor are they virgin structures.

While the left dominated mainstream media and pseudo-secular intellectuals create a narrative that the BJP communalises and polarises elections, it is such deep rooted venom and hatred for Hinduism, Hindu traditions and culture indigenous to India which causes revulsion and repel general peace loving Hindus and nationalists to move away from the so-called “secular” parties.

Thirumavalavan, unless he is a front for any of the Abrahamic conversion mafia, would soon need to start eating his words if he wishes to become a relevant force in TN politics as the Tamilians have started seeing through the designs of such anti-Hindu outfits and characters who try to run their shops under the garb of Dalit politics.

Thirumavalavan party’s manifesto also states that the party will completely shut down Kaattupalli Port. Even the protesting fishermen and ecologists were only against the proposal of expansion of the port and not totally shutting it down. Now, does Thirumavalavan want to follow the far-left failed economic policy world over or is he playing for some foreign forces which would gain from India’s infrastructural losses and incapacities? These questions can be only answered by a good investigation on Thirumalavan’s financers and promoters.

The DMK in response to being accused by large sections of Tamilians as an anti-Hindu party insists that it is not anti-Hindu, but its own leaders’ actions in the past and the alliance it has stitched with rabid Hindu haters like Thirumavalavan and Seeman are enough to drive the voters away. The icing on the cake is anti-market and anti-industry policy espoused by these extremist outfits and leaders which is driving the once prosperous state of Tamil Nadu to soon becoming a Bimaru state.

The voters of Tamil Nadu should cast their votes wisely for a culturally and economically resurgent India.

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