Why are only farmers of Punjab protesting? If the newly passed Farmers Bill is anti Farmer then why are farmers of other states i.e. rest of India not protesting?

Simply becasue the people protesting are not farmers but Khalistani separatists funded by Congress and Pakistani anti-India entities.

?This farmers agitation is manipulated by the “Adhatis ( Money lenders)” who will stand to lose Rs 2000 crore per year during wheat & paddy procurement season. Centre’s FarmLaws have rendered them irrelevant as farmers are free from their clutches. Biggies in Punjab are rattled.

?Food Corporation of India (FCI) buys wheat & paddy worth Rs 80000 crores from Punjab alone. Rs 6500 crore of tax payers’ money goes to Mandis (APMCs) & who controls these Mandis? Concern of the 6000 Adhatis of Punjab, is to earn this much of money without doing any farming.

Here is the statistics why these middlemen mafia with political connections in Punjab is rattled. ?

➡️Agriculture reforms
?Wheat procured by GOI for 2019-20 Rabi Marketing Season : 129.12 Lakh Metric Ton
?Middleman commission per quintal (100 kg) – Rs 46.
? Potential commission (if entire of above Qty is procured through mandis) – Rs 590+ Crore! (in one season)?
?BTW, the commission as per APMC Act is 2.5% of the MSP but the GOI has been giving a flat rate of Rs 46 per 100 Kg.

Capt Amrinder Signh, CM of Punjab, was batting for Arthiyas or commission agents even in July 2020 and asking for 2.5% commission for them.

It is unbelievable that a CM is openly asking for commission for middlemen.

Congress party is not a political party, its middlemen commission party. Maa beta used to do the same business. Defense Dalals, chopper deals, Bofors scam – all same middle men commission.

Modiji chocked this recurring income of middlemen!!

Farm Bill Background

?Wheat procured in 2020-21: 127.14 Lakh MT

?MSP – Rs 1,925 per 100 kg.

?Commission potential for middlemen at 2.5% of MSP (if whole QTY procured at Mandi) – Rs 612 Crore.

? Potential commission earned at Rs 46 per 100 Kg – Rs 585 Cr only!

➡️4-graphs which explain Punjab agitation.
?Punjab produces 17.18% of wheat in Bharat but its share of GOI procurement is more than double at 38.04%
?Same goes for Haryana
? And now, look at UP

Share of Wheat production in Bharat.
Share of Wheat procurement by Central Govt.
Share of Rice production in Bharat.
Share of Rice procurement by GOI.

? Punjab produces 10.9% of rice in Bharat but its share is 26.8% of total procurement by GOI.
?Look at WB in terms of production share versus procurement.

? In many states, share of GOI procurement is multiple times higher than share of pan-Bharat production.
?But this is most pronounced in Punjab and Haryana.
? In case of Punjab and Haryana, rice procurement over last 5-years is 2.44 and 2.28 times their share of production in Bharat.
? UK also has a high share but the underlying quantity of rice produced and bought is very small relative to Punjab or other states.

?Studies have recommended that Punjab and Haryana should actually not be growing rice because of its impact on ground-water table.

?BTW, Madhya Pradesh has had a bumper wheat crop this years, and hence, its share in procurement has gone up this year (33.19%)

? Otherwise, last 4-year average of its share in wheat procurement is only 19.84%.

?Long story short: western Bharat has better procurement infrastructure, it has access to ground-water recharged by canals, and couple that with free electricity, it can produce rice. Which is water intensive & can’t be otherwise sustained unlike Eastern Bharat where monsoon permits its growth.

?Without MSP, Punjab and Haryana cannot sustain their rice crop as it is not consumed in-house.
?Similarly, w/o MSP, wheat production will also suffer from same issue.
? If GOI does not purchase it, where will they sell their produce? This is fear of middlemen.

This ecosystem is an institutionalized loot of farmers, consumers, taxpayers
– all for the sake of some filthy rich farmers/mandi lobbies of Punjab and Haryana. This is the story of so called protests.

Farm Bill Benefits in play

Kerala’s Cardamom farmers benefit from new Farm laws. Instead of producing only rice and wheat, they knew the need to produce what Bharat wants.

?People of Kerala realised this long ago. So they don’t produce rice and wheat. They produce rubber and pepper with significantly higher realisation.

?MSP is artificial price control, the worst form of intervention. It skews demand, supply & price. There’s overproduction of MSP crops beyond demand. Govt is bound to buy produce we don’t need at inflated prices which later rots. We import food that can be easily produced here.

?Farmers in Bharat also grow vegetables and fruits none of which is under MSP. There is no MSP for chillies,turmeric, ginger etc. Farmers in Punjab, Haryana produce to sell to FCI only and they don’t eat these. Rest of Bharatiya farmers are at loss because of these pre-Farm-Bill arrangements.

Shaheen Bagh 2.0

In the name of Farmer’s Protest, ‘United Against Hate’ have opened kitchens in Delhi to ensure that no one goes hungry at the #FarmersProtests.

For your information, ‘United Against Hate’ is an organization founded by Umar Khalid & has also been named in Delhi riots chargesheet by the Delhi police.

Khalistanis appear like Sikhs, but have moved away from Guru Nanak Dev ji’s teachings 🙁 as their founder Bhindranwale got brainwashed/lured/converted by Pakistanis in the UK to join their break-India forces ably supported by the Congress who can even plan for riots across the nation simply because their major source of recurring income is getting cut-off!!

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