5 days have passed since the violence in Kanpur. So far the police have arrested 50 accused. Within the last 24 hours, 12 accused have been arrested. For the arrest of the rest of the accused, the police have released pictures of 40 suspects seen in CCTV. After this the suspects themselves are reaching the police station to surrender. A minor suspect surrendered late on Monday night.

The fear of the police is visible among the accused after the Kanpur Commissionerate Police pasted the posters of stone pelting suspects. The accused minor youth surrendered at the Kernelganj police station late on Monday night. Its picture was at number 13 in the poster released yesterday. The police had detained the elder brother and brother-in-law of the minor on Monday evening. Then the minor himself surrendered.

It is worth noting that on June 3, stone pelters pelted stones at Chandeshwar Hata in the Nai Sadak area. The matter was to close the shops after the Friday prayers. It is alleged that when people from other communities opposed the closure of the shop, stone pelting started. During this stone pelting, not only common citizens, but many policemen were also injured.

After this the police arrested many stone pelters, but many escaped. Then the police have started printing posters of stone pelting suspects. At present, posters of 40 people were issued. The police prepared a list of stone pelters after sorting through CCTV. Out of these, photos of 40 were made posters and pasted on the walls of Kanpur.

From the videos that have come out so far, it seems that in the Kanpur violence, the stone pelters had made full preparations for the ground and air strikes. On June 3, stone pelters had arranged a handcart for the ground attack. A large quantity of stones were kept on these stalls. Stones were being thrown from them.

Apart from this, airstrikes were also being carried out by throwing stones from tall buildings. Stones were collected in large quantities on the roofs of buildings. The people living in Chandeshwar Hata, which was targeted by the stone pelters, allege that they were doing this to scare away the Hindu families here.

However, after the information about stone pelting from the roofs, the police have started a separate investigation into the matter. After this complaint, the administration is planning to take action on illegal high-rise buildings along with the development authority. At present, the police is arresting the accused. According to the police, more posters of the accused will come soon.

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