Why so much objection to RSS? 5 major reasons listed below.

  1. Wall which stopped the establishment of “Gazwa-e-Hind”: After several centuries of foreign rule, when India got independence, a section of the society worked in mission mode to make India an Islamic Caliphate. Had it not been RSS, this would have come true. How? Lets understand.
  2. Preserved Democracy: The intention of Emergency and the 39th and 42nd constitutional amendments were to destroy democracy. But it was RSS who forced the emergency to be lifted. Please note, Islam is not compatible with democracy. Hence, we don’t find a single Islamic majority country which is democratic.
  3. Destroyed Nepotism: All (100%) Islamic countries are ruled by dynastic dictators. By producing able leaders like Vajpayee, Modi, Advani, Naidu etc. RSS has set a high bar for political leaders which none of the dynasts can meet.
  4. Emboldened and imbibed confidence in Hindus: At one point of time Hindus were demotivated, demeaned and ashamed of being Hindus. Just like the Jambaban (the famous bear warrior in Ramayana) RSS reminded the Hindus of their past glory and revived their confidence.
  5. United the Hindus: Yes, Hindus cannot remain oblivious to the fact that Hindu society had flaws and utterly divided. Last but not the least, RSS played  the most important role in binding the Hindus and revive the Hindu nationalist sentiment.

Had there been no RSS, there would have been no Hinduism. Had there been no Hinduism, there would have been Hind Caliphate. Had Gazwa-e-Hind (Hind Caliphate) been accomplished, “Dar-al-Islam” i.e. the world would have come under the Green banner would have fructified.

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