Recently Baba Ramdev made statements against Allopathy and it has been in news and people have been taking sides. Few years back also, he had spoken against Foreign companies like Colgate, Hindustan Lever etc.

Let me analyze the concerns I have with the approach he has.

Lets come to his criticism of allopathy. For e.g., some one says that “Physics” or “Maths” or “Geography” as sciences are bad. Will that not appear childish? Similarly, Allopathy is a science. Yes, the science originated first in Europe and has spread world wide. And that science has also made India the Pharma capital/Pharmacy of the world. Allopathy Medicine one area where India is plugged very neatly with the global economy. Not to mention, the huge amount of research done inside India in allopathy, the medicines it exports and the jobs it creates.

In a similar manner, Ayurveda is a science, Homeopathy is a science, Naturopathy is a science and so on. Criticizing a science(Allopathy) is criticizing knowledge/science and if that happens from such a respected person in society it sends a wrong message. Every science will have its flaws, the approach should be to improve and correct the flaws. If one science has a strength, the other science should borrow from it. The people working on the different domains slandering each other will harm the scientific spirit and inhibit the growth of science. It is also a fact, people working in the field of allopathy have done extensive research and brought many innovations. Diseases like Small Pox, Polio, Cholera are things of past. Why? Because the Allopathy scientists innovated. In today’s world maximum research is done by Allopathy people and hence they are able to produce new and new drugs. And that has helped humanity.

And this is the exact problem with Ayurveda. The research done in Ayurveda is very little. Instead of criticizing Allopathy, Baba Ramdev should do his bit in promoting research in Ayurveda. He should target to produce a Nobel Laurate in Ayurveda. There is a not a single Nobel Prize given to any Ayurveda scientist. It seems, after Charkha and Susruta very little research has been done in field of Ayurveda. There should be healthy competition among the domains, not slandering. Same is the case with Yoga. After Patanjali and Gorakhnath, very little research has been done for further improving Yoga as a science. IT is better, if people working in Ayurveda invest in R&D just as other Allopathy is doing.

Lets come to Baba Ramdev’s criticism of MNCs.

After, the Gandhis were booted out of power in 1991, all govts. whether BJP or Congress, have focused on improving the FDI inflows. After Narsimha Rao, the largest FDI regime liberalization has been done by Vajpayeeji. Why are they doing so? Because, foreign investment brings in new technology, gives Indians exposure to foreign markets and builds new expertise among the youth. And we see a lot of change in India after 1991 reforms.

Few years back, Baba Ramdev wanted to “shut the gates of Colgate” and break the “Lever of Hindustan Lever”. It was good that the Govt. ignored him. But such mentality is dangerous. Why? This will dissuade foreign companies in investing in India. The Indian companies will become complacent due to lack of competition and product quality will suffer. Due to competition from foreign companies, Indian companies have improved their quality and have gone global, and thereby benefiting in long term.

Hence, the impression I am getting is that: Baba Ramdev is afraid of competition and wants to be a monopoly. Patanjali cannot compete with HLL or Colgate, that’s why criticized them. As on today, Allopathy is more successful than Ayurveda (mainly Indians did not invest in research/innovation in the field of Ayurveda for long), he is criticizing Allopathy.

This is a wrong mentality and he must shun this mentality.

This criticism should be taken in right perspective. Baba Ramdev being a Hindu icon, he having such mentality harms the cause of Hindutva.

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