Dr Johnrose Jayalal, the controversial current President of Indian Medical Association has been slapped with a summon by a Delhi court for abusing his position and office by advocating conversions of patients in hospitals to Christianity taking advantage of the raging Covid pandemic.

Dr Johnrose Jayalal, who is infamous for advocating proselytization in hospitals and medical colleges and spewing hatred against Ayurveda, Sanskrit and Hinduness rather than give valuable information as a medical specialist on dos and don’ts to tackle the Covid pandemic. A criminal complaint was filed against him by Mr Rohit Jha through Advocates Sanjeev Uniyal and Dhawal Uniyal in response of which, Dwarka District Court in Delhi has issued summons to Dr Johnrose Jayalal asking him to be present in the court on 31st May.

The Legal Rights Observatory, a legal activist which traces illegal foreign funded conversions by evangelists organisations masquerading as NGOs, tweeted that summons has been issued to Jayalal for his article laying stress on using Covid pandemic as an opportunity to convert patients to Christianity. The complaint also seeks revocation of his medical practitioner’s licence as he very brazenly believes that medical practice should be used only for converting people to Christianity which is a gross violation of professional ethics of medical practice.

The Legal Rights Protection Forum has complained to the Ministry of Home Affairs for revoking the FCRA licence of Indian Medical Association to receive any foreign funds as long as Dr. Johnrose Jayalal stays as IMA’s President as he would misuse all money at the body’s disposal for conversions to Christianity rather than put it to use for medical research and medical practice.

The LRPF has given in evidence two interviews of Dr Jayalal to evagelist organisations, Haggai International and Christian Today where he lays stress on connecting with Christian doctors and nurses and using secular spaces like hospitals and medical colleges to proselytize. He said that the ‘Hindu nationalist government’ wants to destroy modern medicine.

He said in the interview that he is actively involved in converting Covid patients to Christianity. He said, “The urgent need of the proclamation of the Gospel to people who are suffering from the virus has allowed us to share the Gospel even in secular institutions”.

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