The U.S. has recognized African American History month, Black History month, National Hispanic Heritage month to honor and highlight those who have made significant contributions to the melting pot that constitutes American culture and polity.

Governor Ronald DeSantis, the 46th Governor of Florida and a former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the state was first elected to Congress in 2012. DeSantis has served the Republican Party for a number of years and is a rising star amongst his political peers. He has been a staunch supporter of sound policies during the Pandemic which he signed a law which prevented businesses, schools, cruise ship companies and government entities from requiring proof of vaccination.

DeSantis serves a diverse community and Indians are part of the vibrant Florida community. Florida is home to hundreds of thousands of Indians and boasts a strong and vibrant Hindu community. Hindus continue to be high education, high income across group in the United States and the diaspora makes strong contributions in the fields of science, technology, space exploration, education, business, medicine, etc. Governor DeSantis’ team has rightfully recognized the contributions which Hindus make to the state of Florida. DeSantis has signed a declaration announcing the month of October as Hindu Heritage Month.



Though Hindus follow a luni-solar calendar, auspicious festivals such as Navaratri and Diwali fall around October, making this month a special time of the year for Hindus around the globe. The Governor has recognized and acknowledged this by choosing the month wisely.

DeSantis describes Hindu Heritage Month as an opportunity to focus and highlight Hindu culture and its diverse spiritual traditions rooted in India and kept alive by the numerous hard-working Hindus in the diaspora.

Jai Shri Ram, Governor DeSantis.

Image: Shiva-Vishnu Hindu Temple of South Florida

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