In some way the modern spread of Islam can be traced to the formation of ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in 1928 in Egypt, established by Hassan Al Banna. According to him “it is the nature of Islam to dominate all other religions and faiths”. This ideology spread like wildfire in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 

Although many efforts to popularize Islam were ongoing, Islam mainly gained significance in North America , when a Palestinian man, Ismail al Faruqi, came to Montreal , Canada. He set up a Mosque and cultural center there and moved to Philadelphia in 1958. There he started an organization called IIIT( International Institute of Islamic thought). This has become the main think tank of Muslim brotherhood in North America. Their big success was to popularize the concept of “Islamophobia”. Like racism, Islamophobia is now also a hated word that all politicians want to stay clear of. Any one branded Islamophobic will certainly be branded racist and risk losing elections. 

Islam got a big boost in 1990s, when some big organizations, like Islamic society of North America (ISNA), Islamic Circle of North America(ICNA), and  Muslim Association of Canada, were started. Many of these groups were suspected of  supporting terrorism activities. UAE interestingly banned many front groups of Muslim Brotherhood, Counsel of American relations (CAIR) and Muslim American Society (MAS), for funding terrorism. In USA ISNA and others were blamed in the ‘Holy land relief terrorism trial” for funding Hamas. ISNA has been directly related to funding terrorism in Kashmir. 

26/11 Attacks: 11 Years On, Questions That Remain Unanswered

Are all Islam believers support terrorism? Definitely not. In fact the majority of them can be called ‘Modernists”, who want to practice their religion in harmony with the other religion. Yet minority fractions, who call themselves as Islamist, have more money and power. They want to change the whole governing and financial system to be based on Islam. Islamists are now calling themselves as real Islam and have subdued the modernist.

Shia and Sunni: These are two main two major segments of Islam. Shias revere Ali, the nephew of Prophet Mohammad, whereas Sunnis declare that the Shia belief is not in accordance with the wishes of Prophet Mohammad. Abu Bakr, one of the four main disciples of Prophet Mohammad, was accepted as the real Successor after the prophet, according to Sunnis.  Prophet Mohammad had said that he is the last Prophet of God, and there cannot be any other Prophet after him. This is the reason that not only Shia, but other sects of Islam like  Wahabi, Ahmadi and Bahai have been declared unIslamic by Sunnis, who make some 80% of all muslims. They have several conflicts with each other, such as the present conflict in Yemen. Iran is mainly a Shia country whereas the  Arabs in the Middle east are mainly Sunnis.  Yet, when it comes to Islamic terrorism, they work together.  When Muslim brotherhood ( a Sunni nation) took over the power in Egypt, they called General Soleimani from Iran( a Shia nation) to help kill their opposition. 

Funding sources: Till a few years back, most international funding to various mosques and these organizations came from Saudi Arabia. In the recent 5-10 years, since the change of leadership in Qatar, it has taken over this position. Qatar has outspent Saudis to gain the position of custodian of Islam. At present Qatar with the backing of  Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia  is the main custodial of Islamists.  It has thousands of projects in Kashmir and Kerala in India to gain a foot step in India.  AlJaZeera, TV channel from Qatar, which started as a moderate news channel, has also been taken over by these islamists. So much so that the original group of reporters, who were unhappy with the change of philosophy for this famous channel, have resigned en masse, and left the channel.

How do the Islamists gain so much power: This is done in a very clever way. They first open a cultural center. Then they build a Mosque there. Then they engage lobbyists and approach the politicians Politicians are lured with the promise of getting them the whole voting bloc. 

Red Green Alliance( Communist and Islam Alliance): Islamist are joining hand with Communists in many parts of the world, including Kerala in India to achieve their mission. It is a very unnatural alliance. Communists are against religion but they have commonality in the philosophy of Antidemocratic governance, no free speech and personal freedom.  They both believe in “One election one time”, meaning that you get in power one time and then clamp everything down and dismantle all other systems to establish their rule. Once they get in power then, they both fight each other. Khomaein, killed more than 30,000 communists, as soon as he came in power, who had actually helped him to drive the Shah of Iran out.

“Qatar Papers “as obtained and published by some French journalists, details some of the sinister plans of this Kingdom. Indian government has also started to take notice of this misadventure. We can probably show out support by spreading this news and boycotting the Qatar and Turkish airlines.

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