A ridiculous advertisement designed by the Tata group for the brand promotion of Tanishq puts them in the list of cheap some companies who are counting their days. The recent dispute with Mistry has shown them that compromising with ethics can lead to a massive disaster. Tatas are known for their ethics and trust. However, the recent advertisement where they are using love jihad in the same way as some cheap companies do for cheap brand promotions damages their image of being a corporation of national pride.

Now the question arises why they don’t have any concerns for the feelings of the majority Hindus. Every second day Hindu girls are found trapped in the hands of Mullah boys who kill them later when the girls refuse to convert. Then why Tatas have deliberately designed this advertisement and now running it with no concerns. This advertisement is a matter of utter shame for the Tatas. I don’t know whether Ratan Tata would have seen this advertisement or not, but this advertisement must be removed from their brand promotion campaign.

Ratan Tata is not married, and he has nobody to take his family legacy forward with all the ethics and trust he and the company have built over time. If not the company, aging Ratan Tata must look into the advertisement personally and get the marketing officer removed immediately who had got this advertisement designed. This, by and large, also indicates that the legacy built by aging Ratan Tata will not be taken forward as the company is now slipping into the wrong hands. If they continue hurting the sentiments of the general public, the potential customers, the Tatas will sooner or later die a bad death. 

One can also understand that this article will add content to their cheap promotion strategy, but this is a warning that it takes a few moments to erode the trust built for years. Once the trust in the brand is lost, the businesses die a terrible death. Tata should choose a better brand promotion strategy instead of playing on the Jihadi Card. They aren’t a startup or a cheap company that wants to capture the market and leave quickly. They are conglomerate. They must show their wit by removing this advertisement and the CMO who has got this advertisement designed.

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