In the present situation of Covid, Vaccine is the only weapon to ruin the covid virus and to stop 3rd wave and save our nation. but in the crisis of vaccine, news has emerged of destroying of covid vaccine intentionally by rajasthan goverment to defame Centre BJP goverment, it is found that more than 500 Vial was thrown into dustbin and many dig 12ft in the ground…it was estimated that more than 3000 people can be vaccined by those destroid vaccine vial of covid vaccine.

when media ask health centre rajasthan about destroid vaccine they gave unsatisfactory answer-they said that vaccine is to be used within 4 hours after opening from vial and if not used within that time is of no use and destroid.

and the goverment and their officals also has same response with unsatisfactory statement……Rajasthan goverment and their administration is not ready to take the responsiblity of destroid vaccine.

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