First, do watch the Tamil original Vikram Vedha – a 2017 production.  R. Madhavan may be the top police cop but it is Vijay Sethupathi who steals the show.  The story is just as the title suggests.  Madhavan is Vikram and Sethupathi is Vedha.  From the old Hindu folktales, we know that Vedha, or Vetal (depending on where you reside) has a knack for telling elaborate stories to his captor, king Vikram.

The story is set up where Vikram is supposed to be a good cop, chasing criminal Vedha.  Vedha has a personal life and family and the story makes the audience feel sympathy for this criminal.  Long story short, Vikram discovers that the faultline lies in his own department; corruption, greed, etc., and the stories by Vedha finally allow Vikram to connect the dots and see that his own department is full of corrupt idiots, including his now-dead X-ian friend Simon.  An annoying wife-character Priya played by Shraddha Srinath who is a lawyer becomes the go-in-between Vikram and Vedha.  Finally, Vikram and Vedha are on one side, fighting the corrupt police unit by the end of the film.

Second, now imagine the need to remake this.  There is no need.  Vikram Vedha from 2017 is available on most OTT platforms and underground downloads.  What is the need to make a Hindi version of this film?  First it was going to be Aamir Khan Mia vs. Saif Ali Khan Mia — troll vs. troll, or midget vs. midget but Aamir dropped out due to irregularities in the script (lolz given the massive failure which is LSC) and one-too-many-nose job guy Hrithik took over as the “dark” Vedha character.

Let’s be honest, Saif can’t fill Madhavan’s shoes and Hrithik definitely doesn’t come close to Sethupathi’s precision in acting.  #NepoKids wanting to make a quick buck?  Fans might be rooting for this but will be extremely disappointed as each scene and even clothes in some shots are copy-to-copy from the 2017 original.  Though Saif Ali Khan’s boobs look bigger than Madhavan’s flatter chest, we doubt that man boobs will uplift this copy-paste.

The only thing the original doesn’t have is Hrithik’s double-jointed thumb anomaly.  For years he managed to hide this but now it’s become his weird signature thing of some sort.  Can you imagine the Bollywood nag – Radhika Apte giving gyan to a cuckold husband Saif Ali?  Radhika always plays the same types of roles and her big eyes give away the story before she opens her mouth.
This film will be watched by fans, but it’s an unnecessary production.  There’s no need to even boycott it – just watch the 2017 original and appreciate what Bollywood lacks – real actors.

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