Pappu is a name, a noun.  Noun usually means a person, place or a thing.  In Rahul Vinchi’s case, pappu is also an adjective.  An adjective usually describes a noun.

From a Noun to an Adjective

Only Rahul can make the impossible possible.  He’s such as ding-dong idiot that not only is he often referred to as ‘Pappu,’ he has managed to turn the name Pappu into an adjective that describes a new class of idiots, or fools.

Expletives are often used to describe people.  Even presidents are not spared from good and bad adjectives.  For example, Jihadi Didi, Chaiwala Modi, the Cheeto (Trump), etc.  However, Rahul is in a league of his own as the term pappu has taken up a new place in the Hindi and English lexicon.

A Dedicated Day

April fools is usually celebrated on April 1st.  Friends play tricks on each other and label any goofy things as “surprise, April fools!”

Rahul has not only managed to add new terms to daily speech but also a full day dedicated to him.  Though he’s going through male menopause, Rahul has won the hearts and minds of many Indians just by his sheer existence.  He is constantly providing entertainment and is the butt of jokes in many political circles.

And since nothing about Rahul is normal, we too can celebrate #PappuDivas and thereby #AprilFools every day, all year long.

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