Every year, people across the globe belonging to Christian faith celebrate Christmas on 25th December. According to a popular perception, the popular notion is that 25th December is Jesus’ birthday. While I won’t delve deep into History, and the traditions and celebrations can vary, a common theme persists: christmas tree, candles and cakes.

Christmas is also about capturing moments and happiness with your loved ones so why not make the best out of it? Here is a list of things, which one can avoid and go for an inclusive and sustainable Christmas :

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  1. We must not cut down trees to decorate our homes for a day or two. Save trees; save lives.
  2. While celebrating, one can try to save electricity – Don’t light up our homes this festival unnecessarily. Because on one hand we celebrate earth-hour and use power consuming lights for material purposes.
  3. Instead of spending the money on buying fancy clothes for overnight celebrations, one can volunteer charity for the poor and needy.
  4. One should avoid burning candles – It can cause global warming and noxious fumes from commercial wax can cause asthma and is particularly bad for your four-legged pets.
  5. Don’t hang those paper stars with lights in them in front of your homes as because of the business, corporates indirectly destroy huge number of trees that were felled to make those paper-stars and instead one can think of lighting up other homes instead of useless paper-stars.
  6. We must keep a check on our health too and must avoid eating cakes – it can make you hairy and fat and increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  7. One can opt for egg-less cakes (i.e. if you must) to save some chicks and choose Tofu over meat.
  8. Bursting of crackers must be avoided on this day as well as on New Year’s eve – it’s hazardous for the environment.

I hope one can keep these few simple things in mind to increase the pomp and joy in the celebration.

Merry Christmas!

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