Hey Anish Kapoor, read your article in The Guardian calling Modi an architect of Hindu Taliban overĀ revamping of the Government Buildings . WOW what an analogy . Your article made me go back and re substantiate the claim which is always made by Palestinians that you Jews are Ungrateful backstabbers. I saw images about Jews coming to Israel on ships begging for Asylum with posters that you have no where to live . The banner read ā€œThe Germans destroyed our families and Homes, please do not destroy our homesā€ You all went with no shoes , no clothes and Palestinians granted you asylum , and we all know what happened later on .

No , I am not one of those get tricked by your Punjabi Surname , I am aware that your mother was a Jew and through her your claimed Jewish Ancestry and went to the newly created Israel after finishing your studies at the famous Doon School.

Unlike others Jews , you and your family and ancestors did not FLEE india facing anti Semitism and made aliyah to Israel , as India, read Hindus never persecuted Jews or made them suffer . No antisemitism was recorded EVER. You went to Israel and that is where your journey into sculpting began , what makes you famous (even if most of it is rather crappy, third-class installations ).

Read in details how we Hindus granted Jews Asylum when they were kicked out of Jerusalem, let them live leacefully .


You belong to a community which came begging asylum, who were granted asylum and lived with NO discriminations. Free to follow and practice your religion. Only country in the world with ZERO ANTI SEMITISM.

The revamping of the Paliament and adjoining buildinsg has been a long pending project . Infact the first draft of proposal was made during Congress Regime. As of today , Govt of India pays thousands of crores as rent to various parties , costing the taxpayer . The buildings are in shambles , not up to international standards . With time and growing demands , any building needs reforms . Donā€™t you upgrade your house every 5/10 years ?

I am NOT even shocked at such laughable and mockable lies being spread by you , i mean you need ot serve your masters , your chuddy pals from Doon School , the alumni which included Late Tajiv Gandhi , Late Sanjay Gandhi , likes of Kamal Nath , Karan Thapar , Rahul Gandhi etc. . As a ex Welhamite , I know that bind runs deep . But you know shoudl run deeper than the dosco bond, the bond with the county in which you were norn, the ocuntry which granted your ancestors asylum. The coutry which never persecuted your ilk. And you know what , people like you make me question our benevolence , our helpfulness. Should have India given you all asylum, given that SOME of you have turned out to be such ungrateful bakcstabbers ? SHAME.

Calling someone a TALIBAN because they are finishing a long pending project (with NO CORRUPTION) . Taliban are those who destroy others , like your community of Jews who were pretty much destroyed EVERYWHERE apart from India. TALIBAN are those who vandalize and destroy Synagouges , something that has never happened in India . TALIBAN are those who destroyed your second temple , expelled you from Jerusalem . TALIBAN are those built Al Asqa on top of your Temple Mount . Not those who gave you asylum everytime your ilk was kicked out of every country, Helped you , preserved you . HINDU TALIBAN . The word itself shows ungrateful , shamless backtabbing of the grossest nature . We Hindus are the ONLY people in the world who gave you asylum, helped you , preserved your , saved you from ANY persecution . And you , a Jew have teh audacity to club call Hindus TALIBAN ?

That makes me give a serious thought to the claims by Palestinians that you Jews indeed are ungrateful backstabbers . SHAME SHAME SHAME .

I am not sure if you speak for all Jews , Indian Jews , but that fact that you could call Indians Talibans , coming from an Indian Jewish Community , who are well aware of the facts about how We Hindus have helped you , the only community in the world to do so . So even after being aware of this , if you can make such statements then maybe Palestinians are rights, You Jews indeed are ungrateful backstabbers.

So while We Hindus were never the Taliban or will be , you have yet again put more weight in the claims of Palestinians that Jews indeed are ungrateful backstabbers.

And seriously, how does being an expert in Art make you an expert in architecture, urban planning? So Samlam Khan is famous so he can give sermons on vaccine productions? HOW BIZZARE? Usain Bolt to try and Solve Northern Ireland issue because he is a world famous sprinter ?

Had Hindus been Taliban , Jews would not exist in India and backstabbing , b@stards lik eyou would not exist . Oh how wish we were Taliban, people like you make me wish so.

We Hindus were breeding snakes in our backyard and we didn’t even realize it . GOSH .

Lesson learnt .

Below is some so called art of Anish ā€œUngrateful Backstabberā€œ Kapoor .

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