Respected Tanmanjeet Singh Ji ,

I saw your rather shocking speech in British Parilament /Westminster regarding the 2002 Gujrat Riots (some incident that has been dealt with legally and culprits punished )  . Very inspired by the interference in matters of another country , I am putting some points to you on behalf of Indian citizens.
1. Indians find it very shocking that the Roterham Sex abuse scandal of teenage girls sent on for decades while the police , authorities and elected members turned a blind eye and let it happen right   under their noses . As a woman , I am shocked and appalled that so called world leader could not ensure safety to hundreds of teenage girls . You sure have no moral ground left to lecture anyone else or even talk about any human rights issue. We Indians demand a UN intervention of such lapse of security to the vulnerable population.
2) Scottish independence: We Indians recognize that Scotland was never a part of England and support their fight for independence .It’s 2022 , high time the English people realized that they cannot continue with their colonial legacy of ruling others.
3) Falkland Islands : We Indian also support Argentina and its claim over the Falkland Islands. It is laughable to even think that an island far away in South Atlantic in Southern Hemisphere can actually belong to a country in Europe. We support Argentina in their fight for securing capturing Falkland Island back  .
Oh no , please do not get shocked when Indians interfere in matters of Britain , because if you can do the same , we can also . You are not world leader , in 1932 any more, where 75% world is under British Empire .
Oh BTW Sikhs have been ethnically cleansed in Aghanistan and are under constant attack there . If you have half a spine , please discuss this , becaud so far NO ONE has.
I think India should start discussing all this in our Parliament .

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