Senior Cabinet Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma stated on 14.02.2021, that the All India United Democratic Front (AIDUF) Chief, Badruddin Ajmal is an enemy of Assam and has been bringing in funds from fundamentalist organisations.

Himata Biswa Sarma claimed that Badruddin Ajmal has been receiving funds from fundamentalist organisations and terror groups from abroad under the garb of social service.

The Senior BJP leader who is known for calling out jihadi extremism in Assam, said, “He (Badruddin Ajmal) is bringing money from the fundamentalist organisation in the name of social service. Not as an individual but as a symbol of certain people they are our enemy.”

Sarma also said that in the name of social service, Badruddin Ajmal is creating a network which is not conducive of Assamese culture. Sarma was alluding to the reports and evidences indicating that Badruddin Ajmal’s various so-called charitable organisations are actually run by funding from extremist fundamentalist organisations and terror groups abroad and not by his business ventures as claimed by him.

Sarma proud Of Protecting Assamese & Indian Culture

Sarma said that he is proud to be an extremist protector of Indian and Assamese culture in Assam. Sarma said that he would keep stressing about protecting Assamese identity till extremist jihadi leaders like Badruddin Ajmal’s jihadi politics is played out in Assam.

When questioned by media that opposition parties claim that he and Badruddin are two extremes of polarisation politics, Himanta Biswa Sarma replied that he is an ‘extremist’ in protecting Indian and Assamese cultures.

Sarma proudly said, “I’m happy if they have called me so. I’m extremist in protecting Indian and Assamese culture. If anyone has given me the title, convey my regards to them”.

Sarma said, “I am trying to protect Indian nationalism. There have to be two extremes. So, if there is a north pole, there will be a south pole. If Badruddin Ajmal disappears, then we will also disappear. Then we will talk about development and something else.”

Sarma added, “But as long as Badruddin Ajmal is there, we will talk about development and politics of identity. And if that made me an extremist, I am happy about that.”

When asked, what would be your campaign for the elections, he stated,”My personal campaign theme is clash of culture. Jati-Mati-Bheti (community, land and homeland) was a defensive statement. Now it is time to be offensive. For the next five years, it should be victory of culture,” he added.

Notably for the 2016 Assembly election polls, BJP’s main slogan was to protect the ‘Jati-Mati-Bheti’ of Assamese people from the illegal Islamic infiltrators from Bangladesh.
Sarma said about the forthcoming election agenda that, “This will be in line with our delimitation work of constituencies as well. I have decided my strategy till 2026. It will be healthy regionalism and total nationalism. There should be strong nationalism with positive regionalism”.

Hemanta Biswa Sarma confidently said that no one is now talking about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), referring to the opposition parties focus on CAA as the main agenda for elections. Notably, newly parties like Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) and Raijor Dal have been formed only on the one point agenda of opposition to the CAA.

Sarma said, “Nobody is discussing CAA. You can check social media. Congress is behind by 50 years, brings up stale issues”.

Sarma criticized the Congress over their ‘Axom Basaon Ahok’ campaign, Himanta Biswa Sarma wanted to know from the Congress, who do they want to protect the state against.

Sarma asked about the Congress, “From whom do they want to save Assam? If they want to save Assam, then, let them take a stand against the immigrant Muslims and say that we will protect Assam’s culture.”

Badruddin Ajmal His Jihadi Links & Ties With The Congress

Badruddin Ajmal is well known for his jihadi ideology. In fact there are many allegations that he is not even of Assamese descent and himself an illegal infiltrator. The manner in which he avidly aids infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims and even Rohingya Muslims in Assam is public knowledge.

Notably, in keeping with Congress’ style of skewed secularism, Congress is contesting the forthcoming Assembly elections for Assam with Badruddin Ajmal’s jihadi party.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, “People are enraged that Congress is aligning with Ajmal, a person who has destroyed Assamese culture and ethos, captured land in Kaziranga. Congress has betrayed the people of Assam, coming generation will not spare the party.”

Opindia states that in January, Badruddin claimed that if BJP wins the elections again, they will close down mosques and Madarsas in the state.

Replying to it Sarma had said that Maulvi’s job is to teach religion while education of students is the responsibility of government. He further added that if BJP comes to power again, they will ensure that Madrasas impart modern education.

Notably, the Asamese government had brought in a law to stop all state funded religious education. Pertinently, most of the state funds for imparting religious education are hogged by Madrasas.

Pertinently, recently the NCPCR had recorded in its reports on children’s homes run by Ajmal’s NGO that more than 300 children were missing from the homes. Inspections were carried out between 14th -18th of December 2020, in the six childcare homes run by Ajmal in Dhubri, Gopalpara, Hojai, Nagaon districts in Assam and Thoubal district in Manipur. Following the shocking revelations in these inspections the Ministry of Home Affairs has initiated further detailed investigations into the serious issue of child trafficking.

It is hoped that Badruddin Ajmal, his businesses and his shady NGOs are thoroughly investigated, as Assam being a border state and with explosion of Muslim population in the state changing the demography in alarming proportions it is a matter of ensuring the safety and security of the state from jihadi elements.

It is heartening to see a politician making no bones about admitting that he does not mind people labelling hi as an extremists because he speaks and works for ensuring to protect the original Indic and Assamese culture in the state which is endangered by increasing jihadi extremism and growing foot political footprint of jihadis like Badruddin Ajmal in the state.

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