The Hindu Munnani sat on a hunger strike in Valuvar Kotam in Chennai to protest against the anti-Hindu DMK government’s order to ban celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi in public on Monday. The MK Stalin government had ordered on August 30th that Hindu devotees would be banned from installing Bhagwan Ganesha’s Murtis in public Pandals for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.

The DMK government has also banned the traditional procession by Hindu devotees to immerse the Ganesha Murtis at the end of the Ganesha festival. Hindus are only allowed to individually immerse the Ganesha Murtis and not in groups.

These arbitrary ban orders were ostensibly passed by the DMK government headed by MK Stalin as Covid control measures. While the DMK government has not outright banned the Velankanni Annai festival in Chennai, observed by Christians where Christians take out a procession of Mary idol at the end of the 11-day festival starting from Aug 28th to September 8th. The DMK government has only ‘requested’ the Christians to not come out in large numbers for the procession.

So also, the congregation for hoisting of Christian flag in front of Velankanni Church in Besant Nagar is also not completely banned, only “requests” have been issued by MK Stalin to Christians to not gather in large numbers due to Covid.

The Hindu Munnani has reportedly announced to instal one lakh Murtis of Ganesha in homes to celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. The DMK government has also ordered from the beginning of the holy Tamil month Aadi, to close all Hindu Temples on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays every week.

The ban started from mid July and is to continue till mid September. Notably, most of the Hindu festivals falls invariably in the weekends during this festival period. In all probability the anti-Hindu atheist DMK government was in all possibility aware of this fact when it placed these orders to keep Temples closed.

The hunger strike protest called by Hindu Munnani was attended by senior BJP leader, avid temple activist and Temple Worshipper’s Society Vice President, Uma Anandan who lambasted the Hindu hating Dravida Kazhagam and held it responsible for the sad state of affairs in Tamil Nadu. She also urged Hindu devotees to boldly come out and voice their protest against the draconian ban on installation of Ganesha Murtis by not fearing being arrested for just peacefully protesting and exercising their fundamental rights. Tamil Nadu BJP head, Annamalai has reportedly called for a statewide protest against the ban on installation of Ganesha Murtis.

Senior BJP leader H Raja severely condemned the DMK government for being anti-Hindu by not allowing installation of Ganesha Murtis and banning Visarjan procession during Ganesh Chaturthi while allowing religious processions of other non-Hindu festivals like Bakra-Id and 11 Day Church festival.

The pro-Hindu ploitical outfit, Hindu Makkal Katchi criticised the DMK’s anti-Hindu policy and warned to challenge the order in Courts and

There is a growing feeling of anger and dismay among the Hindu community for being targeted by the ruling atheist political lobby backed by the evangelist conversion mafia by its consistent anti-Hindu administrative policies.

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