When Ashok Gehlot opens his mouth, only venom spills out of his tongue. He is the chief minister of Rajasthan, a senior Congress leader, and Sonia Gandhi’s top choice. Most likely, Ashok Gehlot is unaware of the riots and crimes taking place in the state under Congress’ control. Because they are currently considering a word like “rape”!

Meanwhile, Ashok Gehlot has once more defiled the honor of his position as Chief Minister by making reprehensible and disgusting comments about rape victims. According to Ashok Gehlot, women report 56 percent of fake rape allegations in Rajasthan.

CM Gehlot made this statement at a time when crime against women and girls in Rajasthan is on the rise. In terms of rape cases, Rajasthan leads the nation, according to NCRB data. CM Saheb claims, however, that more crimes are being reported as a result of our instructions to register all instances involving the state’s rising rape and crime rates against Dalits.

Is it a secret that there have been recent communal riots in Rajasthan, or what level of horror the “Sar Tan Se Juda” group has inflicted?

Crimes against women like rape and incidents of sexual assault have surged in Rajasthan since Gehlot’s Congress government took office there. However, do not reduce crime if Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has the opportunity to make stupid remarks.
Notably, when a rape occurs in a state where the BJP is in power, Congress feels the pain of the rape victims. Only then do the remaining Congressmen go out on the streets with Rahul and Priyanka. But when a daughter is raped in their own state, where does this pain end?

Recently, Ashok Gehlot has previously made an extremely insensitive statement. He asserted in that “It is unacceptable to grant a rapist the death punishment in rape cases. Rape cases are rising rapidly in the nation as a result of the death sentence”. In his statement, Gehlot made it abundantly apparent that he wanted to see the rapists punished but did not want to see them hang. He was spotted somewhere supporting the rape suspect.

In general, Ashok Gehlot is struggling to manage Rajasthan. There are political disputes every day, and the state’s crime graph is also rising. They do this in order to divert attention from the important issues at hand by making such disgraceful statements.

Whatever the cause, Ashok Gehlot’s foolish statement cannot be justified.

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