Wrote the below piece on the vaccination hype a year back and one year down the line my worst fears have come true. But most people seem not to know, not bothered or fine as long as it does not impact them or their near ones.

For those who haven’t seen/noticed/pretended not to see/ignored here are some facts that might still help save some lives.

Vaccine Injuries & Side Effects that we Pretend we Do not See

Blood Clots

Blood clots are a common side effect of the vaccines. AstraZeneca has been banned in many countries because of serious blood clot reports. However in India we continue with the #HarGharDastak of the same covishield while caring the least about the side effects.

To just quote one example, 34 year old Dr Snehal Lunawat had received the C19 vaccine on Jan 28, 2021 following which she got a mild migraine and was given medication by the doctor. Her health worsened and was admitted to a hospital in Gurgaon due to brain haemorrhage. She passed away on March 1, 2021.


There are numerous other studies and publications which point to these side effects. Scientists have identified a possible reason the AstraZeneca(Covishield) Covid-19 vaccine may cause blood clots.



Kidney Issues

This is not rare either. If you just look around of incidents in your circle, you will perhaps realise that the kidney issues leading to dialysis are happening in people with no prior history or symptoms and mostly aggravated post the second dose.

Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)

GBS is a rare immune system disorder that results in muscle weakness, pain or numbness, and, in more severe cases, paralysis. GBS could result from different causes, including infections.


Menstrual Issues

A health concern women have been raising across the world: significant changes in their menstrual cycles after taking the shot.



Heart Attacks

The many reports of heart attacks among celebrities, sportsperson, family and friends seem to be not enough for us to question why. Instead we choose to blame the lifestyle for these sudden rise of such incidents.

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