The “Black”Waters of Yamuna is exposing the “Black” deeds of Arvind Kejriwal and it’s political party, Aam Aadmi Party. The waters of Yamuna is washing the white paint which Kejriwal used to hide the

The visuals of devotees taking a dip in the froth-filled waters of the Yamuna river send down chills down the spine of the residents of Bharat last year and the same is going to be repeated this year too. Chhath is a festival of Hindus which is considered very pure. But it is always sad to see the devotees performing this puja in such bad condition of River Yamuna. Arvind Kejriwal before coming to power promised to clean Yamuna. But like all the promises, this promise too went into the bracket of “Jumla”. Arvind Kejriwal promised to cleaning Yamuna in 2015. Its 7 years since then. The central government has provided Arvind Kejriwal crores of rupees so far for cleaning Yamuna. Let alone clean, Yamuna is dirtier than ever before.Where did all the money go? Has Arvind Kejriwal spent all the money in putting out more ads just to promote himself? Arvind Kejriwal should have looked and worked after the cleanliness of River Yamuna but he was busy in doing minority appeasement to seek muslim votes and was busy spending crores of rupees in advertisements. AAP is doing nothing on “Najafgarh Nala”.Najafgarh nala, which has its own share of wastewater being emptied into it by a multitude of drains on the Delhi side. The pollutants from the jheel are leaching into the soil and contaminating the aquifers.Short-term exposure can lead to skin irritation and allergies. If ingested, these chemicals may cause gastrointestinal problems and diseases like typhoid. Long term exposure to heavy metals in industrial pollutants can cause neurological issues and hormonal imbalances.

Last year Arvind Kejriwal came up with strange ideas to clean Yamuna. These ideas were simply amusing to watch and hear. Water was being sprinkled in the river Yamuna to wash out the toxic foam formed the river. The IITian didn’t use his brain and asked a question to himself that how will dissipating toxic foam make water any less dangerous? Thank God they did not spray oxygen from oxygen cylinders in the air to disperse the smog. Arvind Kejriwal government also came up with other humourous ideas to make Yamuna clean. Scientist IITian Arvind Kejriwal installed several barricades in Yamuna River to prevent toxic foam coming to the other side and clean toxicity in Yamuna River as if this will clean the river. Barricades being placed in the Yamuna to stop toxic foam from floating towards the ghat will be of no use. Several Boats were also deployed ahead of Chhath Puja, to clear-off toxic foam. These all steps taken by the AAP government are way too much humourous than Rahul Gandhi .

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