Nowadays, we are only taught how the Mughals ruled over Hindus, and how the Delhi Sultans ruled over Hindus, as if Hindus have always been ruled by these Islamic Invaders.

However, we are never taught our victories and our fierce resistance against these invaders and that’s why most Indians don’t even know about the way the Hindu Gurjara-Pratihara Empire resisted the Ummayad Caliphate’s attempt to invasion towards the Indian Subcontintent and finally defeated the Caliphate in Battle.

This event took place in the 8th Century (even before the Ghori Invasion), and it lasted for quite a while, since the adamant Arabs were not willing to let go of their dreams of conquering the Subcontinent.

However, their dreams were completely shattered by Maharaja Nagabhata, who was King of the Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty and also Maharaja Vikramaditya II (not to be confused with the original Vikramaditya), who was King of the Chalukya Dynasty.

Naghabhata 1 : Gurjara Pratihara Dynasty | Founded the Gurjara Pratihara |  Indian History - 39 - YouTube
The Great Maharaja Nagabhata I

The Chalukyas and Gurjara-Pratiharas collaborated with each other to stop the aggression of the Arabs, much like all the small Indian Kingdoms had collaborated with each other to stop Alexander’s aggression into India.

There were many major battles that took place like the Alor Battle, the Brahmanabadh Battle, the Chittor Battle etc… And the army of the Ummayads committed various atrocities on the normal civilians of the Indian Kingdoms during these major battles, but at the end, their aggression was stopped, and they had to go away.

The Arabs also tried to conquer India through the Sea and started a Naval Expedition in the year 776 but that was defeated by the Naval Fleet of the Jayadrathas, headed by Agguka I.

They tried various strategies, deceit and atrocities to conquer India but at the end of the day, they failed, all thanks to the brave Hindu Maharajas and Soldiers of that time, who always fought for Dharma and never compromised with Adharma.

These great Maharajas should be an inspiration for all of us, and their Empires should be known by everyone, so that everyone can learn from them, on how to resist violent forces properly.


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