Lakhbir Singh, 35 year old Dalit Sikh who was hacked to death by the so called farmers in the spot where the so called farmers protest is going on was hurriedly cremated in the dark of the night, using mobile torch lights, family not even allowed to see him one last time.When body of Lakhbir Singh was taken to his village, Nihangs objected to his family’s proposal do to Antim Ardas first. No Sikh priest came forward to perform the religious rituals for the last rites, and the villagers also stayed away from the cremation. Only about 12 of the deceased’s family members were present during the cremation. It included Singh’s wife Jaspreet Kaur, sister Raj Kaur, sister-in-law Simranjit Kaur, mother-in-law Sawinder Kaur and three minor daughters.

This man was brutally killed at Singhu border. His body with chopped hand was found hanging from a barricade near stage of protesting farmers.Terrorist Bhindranwale’s poster behind the body could be witnessed. The protestors celebrated the killing Lakhbir Singh and these protestors could be seen telling the Prime Minister of India to do the same with him.

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