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Twitter scam: the price of speaking truth.

Yes, it has happened to me. Something very extraordinary and shocking. Read on.

I have been active on twitter since July 2019 and my ID is @tiinexile (with two ‘i’s). This is my only account on twitter. ( Every other account is fake.

Two weeks ago, I got a death threat from an Islamist handle who has been impersonating me as “True Indology” from a very long time. The purpose of that handle is two fold. While the handle impersonates as “True Indology” mostly to gain followers in my name , it shows its real face in a few tweets condemning me to death because I dared speak unflatteringly about Mughals.

The impersonator handle wrote “People like you don’t deserve life. You have not seen my hospitality yet. You deserve a brutal death in public which will horrify all anti class enemies” (notice the communist-Islamist class conflict language in the threat).

This handle has been impersonating me for more than a year now. I had sent several reports to twitter and so had my followers. But all in vain. Nothing has ever happened. I had long lost any faith in twitter. So, I rather filed a cyber complaint.

This incident happened two weeks ago. It really cast apprehensions in my mind about my own security. After all, we all know what happened to Kamlesh Tiwari. All said and done, we are fighting our own battle and are ultimately responsible to our own selves. I also had a lot of things going on at my professional front. I did not want any mental disturbance. So I thought it wise to deactivate the handle for a while and concentrate on my professional life.

Two days ago, I reactivated my handle as I had been told that it would permanently be lost in the event of not reactivating within 30 days. To my surprise, my handle had not shown the correct count of my followers and following list on reactivation. Granted, there is a Twitter policy that it takes time for the correct follower and following count to show up on reactivated accounts. But twitter makes it clear on its policies forum that it should not take more than 48 hours. At the time of writing this post, it has well been more than 60 hours since I reactivated my handle.

But there is more. Twitter does not allow anyone to follow me. If any account follows me, it will automatically be unfollowed on a simple page refresh. How? Why should anybody following me find himself unfollowed on page refresh? This has NEVER happened. No, this is not any twitter policy. This is not even a twitter bug or issue. I do not find any such issue on twitter complaint forums. This is simply inexplicable behavior by twitter. And it happens in broad daylight. TWITTER DOES NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO FOLLOW ME.

There is more still. My follower count has been fluctuating. It shows 10k at one instance. It shows 10 at the very next. If anybody types my ID (@tiinexile-with two ‘i’s), it simply does not show itself on Twitter.

Yet, twitter did something extremely shocking and inexplicable. It has allowed the fake accounts and impersonators to run freely on my ID. Let me give you an example. Let us say your ID on twitter is @hari. Imagine finding someone else on twitter using @hari? You would think whether it is even possible? Even deactivated and suspended accounts do not have their ID available for others to usurp. But twitter has freely distributed my handle to impersonators. It has promoted ID theft. This does NOT HAPPEN at all. This is again not just a twitter bug.

As it stands now, while my follower count keeps fluctuating even after 48 hours, the person who sent me the death threat is active on twitter and he assumes my identity. Twitter has given away my original ID @trueindology to him.? How and why? This is downright fraudulent behavior by twitter. It has enabled identity theft. The account cunningly calls himself “back up” to seem original and gain followers in my name while sending death threats to me. People who mistakenly fall for the impersonator handle that had sent me death threats continue to follow his account. This includes prominent people like Mohandas Pai, Smita Deshmukh, Prafulla Ketkar, R Vaidyanathan and Gaurav Sawant. Just imagine the extent of this twitter scam!

As I helplessly write this post now, twitter still tells me ‘‘You do not have any followers”. It still does not show my ID among the people. If anybody types “True Indology” in the people section of twitter, Twitter does not show my real account. It only shows the fake impersonator who has sent me the death threat. He has gained 3800 followers in a day and his account has more than 4000 followers as it stands now while twitter does not allow ANYONE to follow my account. This is a true story and these events have simply left me appalled. This is the price I pray for speaking truth.

Remember. This is NOT about me. This has happened to me because I dared speak up the truth. This could very well happen to you tomorrow. Just imagine yourself in my shoes. Does not the prospect of enabling identity theft by huge MNCs sound scary? Suspension is one thing. But a scam on this level is unprecedented and has not happened so publicly and blatantly as far as I know.

Here are some details.

My real and only active account on twitter: @tiinexile (ti in exile : with two is)

The fake impersonator who sent me death threats: @TruelndoIogy


Screenshots and video proofs:

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