An old man, along with his old wife, runs a Dhaba in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. They were sad as in the COVID-19 lockdown, very few people were visiting their Dhaba. Still, they were hopeful and were not thinking that they will pick the stones against any government who have imposed the lockdowns. One food blogger has made a video on them and requested people to visit their Dhaba.

One can see in this video that the old Dadi is simply helping his man running the Dhaba smoothly without any complaints against any government. The old Dadi understands the Covid-19 situation very well and is now happy as the viral video helped them bring many good customers. 

Then comes another picture of some radical Islamic ideologue old ladies picking up stones against the government institutions and not hesitating to hit and kill the policemen who are simply trying to clear the roads for the general public. They were sitting there in Shaheen Bagh of Delhi and blocking the roads sometimes for the money and sometimes for hatred against Hindus on the well-addressed issue of CAA and NRC by the central government of India.

These old ladies of radical Islamic ideology symbolized the violence, ruckus, and terror, as thier sit in later has taken the form of Delhi riots killing 53 people. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of India also told these radical Islamic old ladies that they can’t block the roads made for the common people.

The frustrated Delhiites are now comparing these radical Islamic ideologue old ladies with the Dadi, who is quietly helping her man in running the Dhaba without any complaints against anyone. They are terming the Dhaba vali Dadi as their own Dadi and ridiculing the radical Islamic ideologue old ladies.

Yes, now Delhiites and people all over the country know the riots inspired by these old radical Islamic ladies have damaged property valued in millions and loss of invaluable 53 lives in Delhi riots. Here are some tweets for your reference, where you can see how people are saying that Malviya Nagar Dadi is their own.

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