President Trump and Vice President Pence won mandate to lead the country in 2016  on the ticket, ‘Making America Great Again’ (MAGA). They are back in 2020 on the ticket, ‘Keeping America Great’ (KAG).

The 40% Americans will agree without blinking an eye. The sworn left will never agree, as expected. I intend to  focus on the question what has been the genesis of the Great America? So that it is never lost. So that it is preserved. So that it remains in the memory of its citizens, all the time. So that it is never compromised or allowed to be compromised.

America is, and has been, without doubt, acknowledged as Great after WW II. We live in a relative world. America is  today #1 economic and military power of the world. It has the highest number of millionaires in the world. It is the hub of new ideas challenging the status quo, every day. It is the most sought after destination by immigrants. It commands both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ power on the world stage.

In my opinion, the genesis of Great America lies in:

  • Adam Smith’s ‘Division of labor’ or say specialization adopted by America.
  • The spirit of ‘Land of the Free and Brave’.
  • ‘Freedom and Equality (of opportunity) for All.
  • ‘Merit, as the primary criterion of Choice.
  • ‘Private Property and enterprise’.
  • The ‘System of Checks and Balances’ (assuring no autocrat will ever take it over).
  • Chanakya’s Minimal Government (Light Taxes), and Security of the State, above all else.

Anyone concerned with Making America Great Again or Keeping America Great need not reinvent the wheel. What is needed is steadfastly staying the course!

Let me leave you with three good hearted clips:

  • “America can be won without war. They respect Merit.”
  • “His mother ‘swarg sidhar gayi hai’. O’ she got US Visa?” (‘Swarg Sidharna’ means died/ gone to heavens).
  • Vice President Pence, in today’s (Oct 7, 2020) Vice Presidential Debate so well handled, an intriguing observation of an American, shared by the moderator, with Vice Presidential Candidates. The observation was something like this:

In every debate we see each party and candidate clashing and criticizing the other. Isn’t disgusting?

Vice President Pence replied something like this:

America has been built on Freedom of Speech. But at the end of each debate and disagreement, we are one (and better nation).

Very profound, Indeed!

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