The simple answers are: Muslims are easy to manipulate for Media’s business interests, and fundings from Mullah countries make them do this. Jihadists can simply burn the cities like Delhi and Bangalore on bare fake calls by miscreants. The intolerance and conservativeness of the Indian subcontinent Muslims are popular world-over. Therefore, they will watch the content and support the narrative of Indian mainstream media in masses if they publish the content of Islamic interests. 

Leftists politicians and media cartels are always against the right-wing governments. This is why when CAA and NRC bills passed in the parliament, they banked on Muslims and created widespread confusion in thier minds. Later, Jihadists simply gathered and burnt the parts of Delhi even when the prime minister of India has tried to clear their confusion. 

Easy manipulation of the Mullah minds has made three nations out of one country called India. First Muslims of India have been fooled by Mohammad Ali Jinnah and they made East and West Pakistan. Later they started hating the Muslims of East Pakistan and killed them in numbers leading to the creation of a new nation called Bangladesh.

Then in West Pakistan, the Bhutto Government has declared his own Ahmadia Muslim brothers as kafirs constitutionally. Now the situation is that the Pakistani Mullah Military generals are fooling the ordinary citizens of Pakistan in the name of Islam. They leave the country after plundering from Pakistan and parking all the money abroad just after their retirement leaving the general public suffering even for bread and butter.

This is how the Indian National Congress has played the politics of appeasement for Indian Muslims too. They actually tried to make Indian Muslims more conservative on their religious sentiments by which they can later take their votes in the name of appeasement and Islamic sentiments.

Indian mainstream media is also following the same path. If you check the falling popularity of the leftist journalists, you will always find them playing on minority and religious sentiments of the Muslim youths. This is how they are able to at least sustain their business nowadays, which was flourishing at the times when Hindus were ignorant and had very little saying by any means.

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