A lot of people have cursed 2020 as the worst year ever. But in my optimistic mind, it was a year which built up my faith in the Divine. It showed me how things could be worse, but with a little bit of adjustments and patience, one could overcome the worst. Let’s just take a look at those things which have made me remain optimistic about life …

  • Not all those who spoke about Penguins were sent to jail.
  • China tried to kill everyone, but not everyone died.
  • No American will now criticize India’s democracy or poll process.
  • Innumerable bachelors and spinsters remained the same happily because their relatives could not force them to get married during the COVID pandemic.
  • Moms-in-Law had to stay put wherever they were, causing ripples of delight in some families.
  • New words were coined to escape Twitter’s gaze … for example – single source, Tablighi, etc.
  • Some people got free haircuts in Maharashtra.
  • The world realised that the life of China’s best products is One Year at the maximum.
  • For the first time after school, people got information about which State grows which crop and people learnt about it with interest. After all farmers are our Annadatta.
  • Justin Trudeau will keep his mouth shut for a few days atleast thanks to the fact that those whom he supported, got so fired up, that they destroyed investments made by his own country.
  • Never give up hope about becoming a superstar – look at Bilkis Dadi.
  • Talking about superstars – every single superstar of Bollywood got plastered, hashed and jointly afraid of the ED, Narcotics and spy cells of the Social Media. They and the rest of the country discovered that their best friend was MuPo.
  • Arvind Kejriwal was able to put out huge advertisements even in a COVID year, proving that there are more deadly diseases than COVID – I’m talking about government expenses, of course.
  • The Times of India has reduced the number of pages … this means that hopefully there will be less news about Muslim conmen being called Hindu Godmen. As a bonus, Mumbai Mirror has become a weekly.
  • China learnt about the strength of our Army and we learnt about the shortcomings of the 1 child revolution.
  • The Editors Guild taught us about “Unbiased Support for Free Journalism” and what it means under Congress rule, for free. Thanks Arnab.
  • Our intelligence-wala genes are still intact – every Indian is an expert in Weather, Agriculture, War, Politics, External Affairs, Banking, Chrislamic conversions, Jihad, Medicinal trials and practically everything under the Sun.
  • Before i Forget – *** Most importantly – our Entrepreneurial skills are alive and kicking – we created world records in making PPE kits, masks, Ayurvedic medicines for protection from COVID, vaccines (trials still on), etc. – all in record time and with perfection.

If all of the above should not make me optimistic, what should?

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