Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan Niazi, who has been demanding new elections for the past week, has escalated demand for the elections, claiming that if polls are not called, Pakistan will “move towards [a] civil war” and witness Balkanisation as well.

In an interview, the 69-year-old cricketer-turned-politician argued that a balance must be maintained between having a strong army and a powerful administration.

As per the reports of the Dawn, Imran khan Niazi said, “If the establishment doesn’t make the right decisions then I can assure in writing that [before everyone else] they and the army will be destroyed because what will become of the country if it goes bankrupt. Pakistan is going towards a default. If that happens then which institution will be [worst] hit? The army. After it is hit, what concession will be taken from us? Denuclearisation.” He added, “If the right decisions aren’t made at this time then the country is going towards suicide.”

Pakistan’s current Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif went to Twitter to criticize the remark of Imran khan. He added, ” While I am in Turkey inking agreements, Imran Niazi is making naked threats against the country. If at all any proof was needed that Niazi is unfit for public office, his latest interview suffices. Do your politics but don’t dare to cross limits & talk about division of Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, the debt-burdened government of Pakistan has lifted the subsidy on the fuel increasing the price of fuel by a whopping 30 Pakistani rupees (around Rs. 12 INR). The price of fuel per litre now exceeds PKR 209 for petrol and PKR 204 for diesel.

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