What possible harm could India desire to have done to their rival state Pakistan? Destabilizing, the economy, anarchy on the streets, keeping Pakistan in FATF, or isolating diplomatically? While reading the above line, don’t you think that their own ex-Prime Minister Imran khan has already done it and India only could do is to sit back and enjoy?

There are four important pillars in Pakistan that run the country: 1. Supreme Court, 2. The Pakistani army, 3. Pakistan parliament, 4. Pakistan’s civil society. Imran Khan succeeded in fuming masses against all of them.

  1. When Pakistan SC asked Tehreek-e-Insaf if there would be a vote of no-confidence, Imran Khan linked it to a foreign conspiracy and challenged “Do whatever you will, and we will do whatever we will.”
  2. Imran Khan used his followers, and social media to abuse the Pakistani army. Yes, the strongest institution in Pakistan. He cast aspersions on the character of the army which kept Pakistan intact all through years when it had no logical reason to survive. Ahmed Khan Niazi is single-handedly has been the cause of a public outpouring of anger against the Pakistan army
  3. Imran khan after losing confidence in the parliament refused to take cognition of the fact that he has lost confidence. Instead, he challenged the Parliament and stated that parliament means nothing to him. the man took his followers to the streets of Pakistan. He moved the country into anarchy. Interestingly, his followers always believed that he is so powerful that Pakistan can be a lone superpower someday, and hence countries like US, India, and Israel are conspiring against it. Pakistani people actually believed that the US wants to overthrow Imran khan’s government. As it is popularly known, Pakistani people believe in conspiracy theories more than anything.
  4. Pakistani rupees are currently trading at 226 per dollar. Pakistan’s economy is running on aid since its Independence plus dollars sent by Pakistanis living overseas. It was always like borrowing from A to repay B. Imran Khan says that Pakistani send more and more money into Pakistan from the United States of America, Europe from wherever countries Pakistan need not borrow money from outside. When Imran Khan felt like he will be out in the coming days, he gave massive relief in fuel prices. He started giving freebies when the treasury was empty. That way he gained more followers. Meanwhile, the step proved to be a disaster for the next incoming Shahbaz Sharif government. It is evident with the claim of Pakistan Economy Watch which it stated that the Imran Khan government laid land mines for the present government which is very difficult to deal with. 
  5. Coming to Civil society, in a massive democratic setup around the world, each political leaders have their own rivalries. But have you heard of a political leader taping others’ call records and leaking them to social media? These incidences have been the most common in Pakistan’s political circle. Several instances were reported by the family of Nawaz Sharif including his wife who was sick faced stalkers.

While Imran khan has been out of the parliament for 4 months he is still a newsmaker in Pakistan. Just like the recent incident where he is shot in the legs (as per the claims) and putting the blame again on the army. However, it is highly suspicious how he got shot in the legs despite standing on the tanker and among the crowd.

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