There is no place on earth which is today safe for Hindus. Be it Bharat or any foreign country. Even Bharat, which is a civilizational homeland of Hindus is unfortunately not a safe place for Hindus to live. More and more states of india are getting added into the list of states which can be considered hell for Hindus. In an span of 20 years, Kerala, Westbengal got added into the list and the newcomer which is joining is the state of ‘Punjab’.

On 5th of November Sudhir Suri, a Hindu leader in Punjab, was shot dead on a busy street in Amritsar while there were over a dozen cops around him. He was the leader of Shiv Sena Taksali and used to raise voice for Hindus. The Hindu leader was shot dead in a busy market area of the city, where he had sat on a dharna outside the local Gopal Mandir on Majitha Road where he was protesting against the desecration of Hindu Gods idols by the temple management. The attack was recorded for camera. The arrested attacker has been identified as Sandeep Singh, alias Sunny, who pumped multiple bullets into Suri using his licensed weapon. He was in the crowd that surrounded Suri and fellow protesters, when he shot the leader and ran into a nearby house for cover. Amritsar Police Commissioner Arun Pal Singh said the Sikh youth was arrested from this house. On social media platforms, some Sikhs who are khalistani sympathizers could be seen celebrating the death of a Hindu.

The seperatist sentiment is spreading very fast into the cities and villages of Punjab. Political parties have successfully managed to awaken the Khalistani sentiments which went down in deep slumber after operation bluestar. The view of the social and political changes in Punjab is frightening. Punjab is slipping from our hands. “Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale” comes more into the ears than “Terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale” if you are walking into the unwashed streets of Punjab. There is a need to hammer and crush the glorification and eulogizing of each and every idea associated with the creation of Khalistan.

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