President Biden on Thursday¬†vowed to “hunt down” the terrorists responsible for a spate of deadly bombings at the Kabul airport¬†which left 12 US servicemembers dead and 15 wounded.

“Know this;¬†We will not forgive. We will not forget. We. will hunt you down and make you pay,” he said.

In a surreal press conference that included bible quotes, a moment of silence, and blaming President Trump, Biden said he was open to sending US forces back into Afghanistan to assist with the withdrawal.

“Whatever they need, if they need additional force, I will grant it,” he said, adding that the US military can target ISIS-K without “large scale military operations.”

Biden said he was in near ‘constant’ communication with military commanders¬†via letter, and that he’d asked them to draw up plans to retaliate against the terrorist group (via carrier pigeon?).

Whose puppet is Biden?

Of note, after reading his speech on the teleprompter,¬†Biden said out loud “The first person¬†I was instructed to call upon…”¬†before taking questions.

… also said he ‘bears responsibility for all that’s happened,’ before turning around and blaming Trump for the deal he ‘inherited.’¬†

He then gave Trump credit for the only reason there was relative peace in Afghanistan until now.

Then, towards the end of the presser,¬†Biden said “I have another meeting, for real”¬†– implying other ‘meetings’ haven’t been?


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