Co-opting Anti-Dharmic people for political gains will harm Dharma on a larger scale at the end of the day. The ruling party at centre, Bhartiya Janta Party which is looked upon as the only pro hindu political party left is sadly engaging itself into the club of Ambedkar and Periyar politics in order to fetch the vote banks of lower castes. But the bigger question is will this type of poltics help Dharma in the longer run ?

Fetching votes in the name of anti-hindu personalities like Ambedkar, Periyar who went up to burn our Shastras and commited blasphemy agaist our Devi Devtas will create an anti-shastra mindset into the minds of lower caste Hindus. Because of this kind of politics, anti-hindu Ambedkar and Periyar has become popular and sacred figures into the eyes of Shudras. The caste politics has filled the minds of Shudras with the idea of Hinduism being a casteist religion. Patriarchy and misogyny are also the tags which are given to Hinduism and Hindu Devi-Devtas from Feminists and some Shudras. Also this politics encourages conversion of Hindus into Buddhism after taking inspiration from their newly created god Dr BR Ambedkar who burnt Manusmriti, left Hinduism and went up into the folds of Buddhism. “Annihilation of Caste” is a book written by BR Ambedkar where he blasphemed against Hindu Gods and Goddesses. He labelled Hinduism as Casteist and Patriarchal in nature. Also the politics creates a deep hatred for the Brahmin community which has always been in the forefront in resisting invaders and also are the ones upon whose shoulders the base of Hinduism lies. This is the reason Islamists, Christians, Communists, Feminists, Neo Buddhists all tried and are trying their best to shatter down the Brahmin community. Dr Ambedkar and Periyar shared deep hatred towards Brahmins, Periyar even said that if anyone finds a snake and a brahmin, then he should kill Brahmin first. This was the level of hate which was filled inside the newly created icons of Shudras due to caste politics.

On 30th of October in Uttar Pradesh where Yogi Adityanath who is considered as a politician who works for Dharma is in power, the Pratapgarh Police registered a complaint against a man named Matapher Singh which belonged to the Jethwara Police Station area of the district of Pratapgarh for allegedly using crude language to argue that Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was not a great man. After a video of the man became popular on social media, the police opened an investigation and filed a case against the man.

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