In France, another case of Islamism came up. In the name of ‘Allah’, 23 years old muslim stabs a man 10 times in his neck on 10th of May in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille. The 23-year-old Islamist Mohamed L., reportedly said he “acted in the name of Allah.”

The victim is a 40 years old man, who is a military doctor at the Laveran hospital. He was attacked for unknown reason in a place near the Sévigné Catholic school group, chemin du Merlan à la Rose, when he was about to return to his car. He also had  his two children aged 3 and 7. Sitting on a bench nearby, the aggressor emerged from behind before attacking his victim, striking him several stab wounds in the chest. He was stabbed 10 times in the throat. He got critically injured and was rushed to hospital. Islamist was fortunately controlled and disarmed by four passers-by and was then arrested by the police with a Swiss army knife in his possession. Mohamed L., 23, the attacker wS born in Brignoles (Var).

Credit – Robert Spencer.

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