The mark of the Indian Navy will change from September 2. The Navy emblem can be seen waving on all warships, ground stations and naval airbases. This change in the Navy mark will be for the fourth time. So far the mark has been changed three times. But, this time the reason for the change is different. This change is being made as part of the freedom movement from every symbol of the colonial era.

In PM Narendra Modi’s address to the nation from the Red Fort on 15th August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that we have to move forward with the resolve of cent percent liberation from the mentality of slavery. The Navy emblem is also being changed to remove a symbol of slavery. When the Indian Navy will get its first indigenous aircraft carrier Vikrant, then it will also get a new mark. On September 2, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the new mark of the Navy along with the induction of Vikrant in the Navy.

It is believed that the cross present in the Navy flag, which is a symbol of the British era, may be removed. With the removal of the cross, the crest of the navy may also be included in the mark, showing the anchor. According to a statement issued from the Prime Minister’s Office, in the commissioning program of Vikrant, the Prime Minister will release the new naval emblem. It will deliver freedom from the colonial past and will showcase India’s rich maritime heritage.

So far, no naval officer has said anything about this. But it is definitely being said that the cross can be removed from the white flag. It is also believed that the Naval Crest can be brought back on the flag. The things which are common in the flags of Indian Army and Indian Air Force, they can remain.

The Navy mark was first changed in 1950. When India became a republic, the crest and flag of the navy were changed in such a way that it represented independent India. However, it was allowed to remain the Red Cross of St. George. The tricolor was added to the top by removing the Union Jack.

Changes were made on 15 August 2001, in which the cross was removed and a navy blue crest was added. Then in the year 2004, the Red Cross of St. George was returned to the Navy mark and the Naval Crest was removed. Retired Navy officers say the cross was brought back because the blue crest was not clearly visible from a distance. The cross was red in color, so it came back. Along with this, the Ashoka emblem (Indian Emblem) was also added to it. Then in 2014, on the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Satyameya Jayate was also written under the Ashoka symbol.

The Navy Flag is still white in colour, with vertical and horizontal red stripes, symbolizing the Cross of St. George. It has the Ashoka symbol, below which Satyameya Jayate is written. Also, there is a tricolor in the top corner.

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