Bihar has been least vocal and least predictable in recent elections. The Silent majority has done it once again. They proved that the groundwork of political parties pays off and pays off well. It all started not because of the promise of the Wuhan Virus Vaccine as some liberals and intellectual sold-out souls are claiming but many years back which the champagne intoxicated brains are unable to deduce.

It all started with the alcohol ban in Bihar. Let us analyze why such an unnecessary ban (according to Oxford Geniuses of course) helped Nitish win big. To understand this one has to be well versed with the nature of population Bihar contains and the mindset of the people living there. The immediate effect of the ban helped Dalits and Mahadalit women find respite from domestic violence, thus they immediately found an emotional bond with Nitish Kumar and so Nitish Kumar without much hassle became a big brother to them. With almost no expense on liquor, the family of the poor for the first time realized the importance of money and were filled with a hope that in an all-member earning family they can save too. With money in hands and peace at home, they managed to send their kids to schools and now could afford to dream like lower-middle-class people. This newly emancipated feeling of the lower caste especially of women has inclined them towards Nitish with a bond that the opposition will really find difficult to break especially when both Congress and RJD both have abandoned and cheated them.

Now we may ask why BJP has emerged as the largest party in Bihar after the 2020 elections. The logic is simple, the toilet scheme that our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Modi Ji talked about from Red fort and that was once made fun of by these sophisticated intellectual class, left the poor people of Bihar filled with gratitude. Maybe the ground workers of opposition kept the top leadership of the opposition in dark, multiple incidents has happened where they were returned empty hand through folded poor hands, They simply said ” ” जिसने टॉयलेट बना के हमारी बहु बेटियों को इज़्ज़त दी उससे धोखा नहीं कर सकते”। Then came many government schemes that helped the poor to live a respectable life. Some worthy of mention is ‘jan dhan yojna’, ‘ujjwala yojna”, “vridha Pension”, “Saubhagya Scheme”, “Bihar Kisan Yojna” etc. Such Schemes helped the unprivileged class relate themselves better than any other party. Durin Wuhan Virus Crisis, the ground workers of BJP have done a tremendous job, I will here like to give special thanks to Mr. Pradip Kumar Pathak (Mandal Adhyaksh, BJP North Begusarai) who during the virus crisis have ensured that every individual gets aid provided by Central Government, each of us got free masks, soaps and sanitizers depending upon the size of the family and that made me wonder who dedicated the ground workers of BJP are. “Har ghar nal ka jal yojna” is also going at a fast pace.

So I would like to take a minute to ask some questions from the opposition who ruled Bihar for almost fifty years if toilet, water, electricity, monetary relief, pension, LPG, etc. all were provided by the NDA government in the last ten years, what did you do for the people of Bihar when you were in power for almost fifty years? And Why the people of Bihar should Vote for you?

Everything went fine in the elections, but there were few surprising yet alarming incidents also to which I would like to draw the attention of my readers too. The Communist party almost disappeared from the limelight of active politics in Bihar yet in this election they are making their presence felt, which can be a serious threat not only to the Hindu-Muslim Unity (read it under inverted Comma) but also to the nation as Bihar shares its border with Nepal. The Marxist Lenin Communist Party has performed exceedingly well because the JNU students are investing their lot of time and effort in Bihar. We all are aware of how seductive communism can be as the majority of us were either communist or have agreed to its principals during our adolescence, with a poor education system such as ours the youth of Bihar is easily falling into the trap of these communist freethinkers, who can’t think beyond their silk scarf and velvet shoes.

I would urge the central government as well as Nitish ji to seriously improve the education of Bihar and if necessary weed out incompetent teachers who are irresponsibly creating confused young minds in government schools. Please take the growing effect of Communism in Bihar seriously or it can prove a serious threat to the concept of peaceful coexistence in Bihar. To the opposition, my humble appeal is to get out of the colonial mindset, gone are the days when hunger, poverty, and trust could be bought, this is Modi’s India and here, Nationalism, Self-respect, and Pride of common people is NOT FOR SALE.

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