Just learned about two incidents in a colony near the CGO complex in Delhi. First, the CGO complex is an important area that houses CBI and other intelligence bureau offices and also has many families of Govt security forces living in proximity.

The colony has many temples with largely Hindus only till recently, then few non-Hindus from the so-called peaceful middle eastern community started buying houses and moving in.

When one such family moved to a floor next to the temple, they killed a Sheep to celebrate the housewarming in private. That is in 2017-18. Few more houses were taken over by those middle eastern non-Hindus in later years.

Now in 2021, a pet dog of a Hindu family during its daily troll bark at the Burkha Clad woman and her son. Only this barking of a dog on peaceful’s kid bought 20-30 Jihadis in the house of the Female majority house in the midwest of Hindus.

A brawl broke out and after a heated exchange of words, the situation eased out.

Now in 2022, a Green Sheet Beggars started playing music on high volume to gain some alms from Hindus. After standing at the same spot for 15 mins, a Hindu Man comes out and asks them to move ahead. Only this trigger the Jihadis to bring 20-30 Rioters on the doorsteps of a simple family man. After some explanation by Hindu men in simple terms that who will tolerate 15 mins of loud music of different religions in the afternoon in front of their home, the crowd calm down but warn Hindus to behave well with peacefuls as now they own 5-10 houses in This Hindu locality.

We all educated folks who have studied Mafia group (Islam and Christianity) over the last 10 years knows what will happen next.

(1) Few more brawls and finally some murders
(2) Few more houses were taken over by Jihadis
(3) Few more love Jihad victims
(4) A final exodus of Hindus from the colony after continuous rioting and targeting of Hindu kids using false Police complaints and harassment/teasing of Hindu women.
(5) Full support of Kejriwal Govt in suppressing Hindus before the Final exodus of Hindus from the colony to the outskirts of the City.
(6) Taken over of Hindu temples

This all to ensure more eyes on the Indian Investigation agencies and security forces.

Hope, Hindu learn from History, Hope, Hindus learn from Kashmir Files movie. Hope, Hindus get united to fight the Mafia groups masqurading as religion.

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