People hungry in Pakista’s Multan could be seen literally battling with each other to get a piece of cake, many even picked some fallen on ground and ate it as seen in a video tweeted by Pakistani conscientious Nalia Inayat that went viral.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, a funny character who regularly spews venom against India is regularly in news for his bizarre and eccentric activities.

The Pakistani Foreign Minister regardless of the raging pandemic let a free for all unruly mobbing take place for some cake in a country visibly hungry for good food. Right under the nose of the Minister, people were fighting with each other and going crazy to grab whatever they can for their share of the cake cut by the minister in a ceremony to inaugurate a road. This video from Pakistan is going viral on social media and is becoming a global joke.

Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi went to Multan to inaugurate a road. While the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging, and all world leaders can be seen appealing to people to maintain social distancing norms, wear masks, not touch or be too near each other and most importantly not eat dirty infected food Pakistan’s people in Multan and Qureshi seem to think otherwise, may be they have left being “pure” Muslims Corona virus wouldn’t effect them! The people just went crazy and lunged over each other to get their piece of cake.

In the video shared by Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat, people can be seen falling over each other and battling for one piece of cake. Some of them can also be seen picking it from the ground that had fallen due to the chaos.

The Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi cut the cake and funnily tried to eat the cake with his mask on! Soon after there was a ruckus among the people who were present there. People pounced on each other, pushed and shoved to get ahead of each other just for a piece of cake. People could be seen looting the cake and grabbed whatever they could as though they have not eaten for ages and have got an opportunity to feed themselves.

Bhikari Pakistan is a reality now, it is not just state national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines and some properties owned by Pakistan abroad are being impounded by fellow Islamic nations like Malaysia for non-payment of debts, Pakistani people are literally fighting with each other for some good food!

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