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A couple of years back, when Macron became the President of France all so called seculars celebrated like he was a messiah for them, but now the scenerio has changed all those who supported Macron are now abusing and giving death threats to the President just because he stood with his nation at the time when the country is going through several islamic terrorist attacks.

Not just Macron, we can see any country and person who supports country before religion are considered to be anti islamic or non – secular just because they don’t support the radical islam.

India is one of the country who is fighting with these anti social elements from last 900 years. Our country saw a lot of violence and murders in the name of freedom of speech, they blocked a road for more than 3 months just to show their power and unity but when we questioned them, they became intolerant and they think that it is their right to do violence and kill someone if their sentiments hurt but none other than them can have the same kind of rights as this will lead to communalism.

Their only agenda is to push sharia law and make whole world a islamic state. Every country and their major politicians carry forward their agenda so that their motive can be fulfilled. Its time to unite whole world against radical islam and accept leadership which can fight these anti social elements and establish peace and love in the world.

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