In a shocking incident, Agra’s inter-college goes by name of Smt Joy Harris Girls Inter College, the principal of the college complained on Thursday that she had endured harassment and mental agony for being a Hindu. The victim has been named Mamata Dixit, who said that a group of Muslim college professors had formed against her and were purposefully picking on her because she is a Hindu.

A video was posted on 29 September in which the Principal was sobbing and speaking about her suffering. She claimed that the Muslim teachers had teamed together to oppose her and were inciting the Muslim girls to demonstrate. The principal claimed that there were nine teachers in total, and Rehana Khatun served as their group leader.

According to reports, Muslim instructors are intimidating Mamata Dixit in an effort to remove her from the college’s governing body. Khatun is encouraging the professors and some 200 Muslim females to oppose Dixit and demanding a Muslim principal. The group is allegedly targeting the college’s principal because of her religion. The college’s Muslim students shout, “Mamata Dixit kursi chhodo (Mamata Dixit resign from the chair.”

In the video, Dixit said that Khatun was aiming for her because she wanted to become the college’s principal. “I’m being bullied. I am being threatened to leave the chair by a group of 9 Islamist professors who have teamed together against me. I can’t take this anymore; I’m thinking about taking my own life. Even traveling within the city gives me anxiety. They are capable of doing anything to me and my family”, claimed Dixit.

The incident went viral after a video of the female principal sobbing went viral on social media. Dixit claims that some Hindu teachers are also encouraging Muslim women to organize demonstrations against her. The majority of these educators live in Sarai Khwaja. She reiterated that the atmosphere at the institution was getting tense: “They are inciting the Muslim females from the college against me and are also assembling Muslim boys outside the campus.”

In the video, Dixit is also seen urging the students to forgo burqas and hijabs in favor of wearing college uniforms. She discusses keeping up the campaign to forbid burqas and the hijab inside college grounds. According to reports, the management committee saw the video and sent notices to the Muslim teachers. Additionally, students have been told to wear only uniforms to college.

Lal Bahadur, a member of the managing committee, acknowledged that both parties were heard at the meeting. “The matter is now settled. To maintain order in the school, directives have been given. The discipline of any kind will not be tolerated in the school. Everyone must make sure that the school’s policies are followed, he said.

Joint Director RP Sharma claimed that no such case had surfaced in the interim. “Strict action will be taken against the teachers who are harassing the principal because they practice Hinduism. The situation will be taken into consideration, and a committee will be established to investigate it, Sharma promised.

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