Hagia Sophia of Turkey and Babri Masjid of India both are trending on Twitter, both for wrong reasons. Hagia Sophia is trending because the President of Turkey reclassified it as a mosque. Hagia Sophia is an ancient building located in Istanbul, Turkey. This building was built as a Cathedral church of Constantinople between 532 and 537 CE on the order of Roman Emperor Justinian I. In 1453, Mehmet II attacked Constantinople and converted the church into a mosque. It remains as a mosque till 1935 and then it is converted into a museum by the first Turkish President and founder of the Republic of Turkey. In July 2020, it again converted into a mosque.

This conversion of the museum into a mosque is appreciated by Muslims around the world. None of the Muslim organization or person opposed this decision; occupation of religious places of other religion is justified in Islam.

Babri mosque

Contrary to Hagia Sophia, they oppose the decision of the Supreme Court of India on the Shri Ram Janambhumi case. It took 492 years for Hindus to regain the land of the birthplace of Shri Ram in our own country. They believe invader Babar was right, and he did a great job by building a mosque over a temple. Muslims don’t even believe in proofs of the presence of the temple below Babri Mosque given by a Muslim officer of the Archaeological Survey of India, Mr. K. K. Mohammad. Indian and Pakistani Muslims still believe they have the right to build a mosque over a temple.

Kashmiri Pandits Massacre and mass migration

Kashmir name is derived from Kashyap-Meru which means Kashyap’s mountain; the land of sage Kashyap. During the Vedic period, Kashmir was inhabited by descents of sage Kashyap, and they used to practice Sanatana Dharma. Kashmir became part of the Maurya Empire during 304-232 BCE and Buddhism was introduced. Kanishka conquered the Maurya dynasty and established the Kushan dynasty. The Kushan dynasty ruled Kashmir during 127-151 CE.

The Karkota Empire was a powerful Hindu empire that ruled Kashmir during 625-885 CE. The Utpala dynasty ruled Kashmir from the 8th-10th century. Mahmud of Ghazni made two attempts to conquer Kashmir in the 11th century, but he failed. Shah Mir was the first Muslim invader, and he was the founder of the Shah Mir Dynasty. He arrived in Kashmir in 1313 and became a ruler in 1339.

Mir Sayyid Ali Hamdani, a Muslim ulama arrived in Kashmir from Central Asia and converted thousands of Kashmiris to Islam. Shah Mir dynasty introduced Persians into Kashmir between 1349-1561.

After that Mughal, Afghans, and Sikhs ruled Kashmir. Both Mughal and Afghans were involved in the forceful conversion of Hindus into Islam. The Princely state of Jammu and Kashmir was ruled by Dogra rulers from 1846 to 1947. In 1947, it is acceded to India. In 1990, Islamists killed several Kashmiri Pandits and forced them to migrate. In August 2019, 370 and 35A abrogated. In 2020, the Government of India gave a domicile certificate of Kashmir to 25000 non-Muslims. Kashmiri Muslims, Pakistani Muslims, and Muslims of the rest of India are crying on this demographic change of Kashmir.

Islamabad Temple issue

By giving permission to build a temple in Islamabad, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to show the world that Pakistan respects religious sentiments of its minorities. But Islamic activists and The Pakistan Muslim League- Quaid halted the construction of the temple and requested the project to be scrapped. Jamia Ashrafia, a Lahore based Islamic institution also issued a fatwa against the construction of the temple.

Even after 73 years of independence, no Hindu temple has been built in Islamabad. Minorities in Pakistan are facing several atrocities including forceful conversion, abduction and rape of minor girls, the prohibition of religious freedom, etc. Pakistani government and Pakistani people always shed tears about the rights of Muslims in India but not giving any rights to minorities in Pakistan.

These are just four incidences. If you look into fourteen hundred years of history of Islam, you will find thousands of such incidences where Islamists don’t use any logic.

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