The innermost Brahman is A, U, M – saying this a Yogi becomes free from the Cycle of Birth.

OM, I bow to Narayana, having Conch, Chakra and Mace (in his hands).
The Believers will go to Vaikuntha.

– Atma Bodha Upanishad 1.1


In the middle of the heart-lotus, It (Brahman) exists with Knowledge as the Eye;
The world, knowledge are established in Brahman.

He, the Seeker, departs from this world with this knowledge, getting all desires in the Other World, becomes immortal.

Where there is always Light and Value, there the person attains immortality – Om Namah!

– Atma Bodha Upanishad 1.6 – 8

The Maya (Illusion) has gone away from me, I am the Pure Vision;
my Ego has gone down, so has the difference between World, God and Soul.
I am the inner-self, without positive and negative rules;
I am the Expansive Bliss; I am the witness, independent, exerting in my greatness;
Without old age and decay, opposing sides, pure knowledge, the ocean of liberation; I am Subtle (soul) without any attributes.

– Atma Bodha Upanishad 2.1


I have no bondage nor liberation, no Scripture, no Guru.
I have gone beyond Maya (Illusion) – let life go away or let the mind be attacked – I have no misery as I am filled with joy, I know myself;

Ignorance has run away somewhere – I have no doership nor duty, clan and caste. These belong to the gross body, not to me different from it.

Hunger, thirst, blindness, etc., belong to the Linga-deha (Astral Body) only.
Dullness, desire etc. belong only to the Karana-deha (Causal Body).

– Atma Bodha Upanishad 2.6


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