Maridhas Madan. Kishoreswamy along with Rangaraj Pandey make successful dents into the TN Dravidian fortress hitherto not attempted.

Since 1967 when DMK came to rule in Tamil Nadu we have been seeing a slow and steady growth of anti-Hindu propaganda and a simultaneous growth of Christian and Islamic conversion in media both print and the visual. Tamil channels by far are prejudiced and seem to be far from a fair and ethical broadcasting principles.

This is what Maridhas has taken headlong and exposed the mafia supporting the Dravidian ideology which insults Hindu beliefs and practices. The Loyola College Chennai visual communication department supplies the man-power. The Tamil TV channels: News18 owned by the Reliance Group is one such and the head honcho is one Mr. Gunasekhar who is the son-in-law of Mr. Kaliyan Poongunran who is a top office bearer of Dravidar Kazhagam which supports the DMK, VCK, Communists, Muslim League and other small fringe parties which are mainly anti-Hindu.

Their panel discussions are all aimed at insulting and hurting the hindu sentiments. To name a few topics for discussion “Is mangalsutra Essential”, “Should Diwali be celebrated”, ” Lord Krishna can be booked for eve teasing” etc.


The entire brigade is handpicked and the selection criteria is not based on talent, qualification and or experience. Referrals from people who matter from the Dravidian kingdom or paasarai as termed in Tamil plays a stellar role.

This above points were raised by Maridhas with ample proof. Entire media both print and visual rose up in arms and have issued threats since there are no legitimate answers. Maridhas wrote about this to the owners of the News18 Tamil media house and also made the fuming hitherto helpless Hindus to join him in this effort by sending emails. The response was so overwhelming the the inbox of the media house became full.

Now comes the next action thriller, Maridhas receives a reply by email by the News18 management that they have gone through the points raised and they are convinced that sufficient evidence is there and they will take the appropriate steps forward to on this. Now the media house disowns this email and states that its a fake mail. Maridhas refutes this and wants the media house to approach the appropriate forum for remedy.

What’s stopping them from doing this? More to come in part 2

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