Protesting Farmers (Photo Courtesy:

As shared by a friend from Delhi.

“I belong to  Village Gadani, Kapurthala District, Punjab. I was born there. I still have lots of friends there. The other day, I spoke by phone to an old pal, Darshan Singh (name changed).

I jokingly asked him, why have you not come to Delhi? There was free transport available by protesting farmers. You could have spent some time with me.

Lo’ he spilled the beans.

He said, “ Do you think, it is farmers’ protest?

Half the Delhiwalas (residents of Delhi)  are pagal (insane).

It is CPI (M) protest. Do you know that All Indian Kisan Sabha (AIKS) is a wing of CPI (M)?

Who is coordinating this protest?

Vijoo Krishnan.

Is he a farmer?


He is the Joint Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS).

He is the JNU alumnus.

He was the President of the JNU Student Union.

His claim to fame is  that he is probably  the youngest member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) as an invitee.

What are those CPI (M) people good for?

For Protests and Marches?

They specialize in Bandh. Jindgi bhar Na kuchh kiya, na karne diya (During their life they have done nothing and advised and stopped others from doing anything productive). In the process, arm- twisting and blackmailing for their personal gain.

NDA Government should not budge an inch.”

I said, yaar, tune aaj aapne yaar ko be pagal kah diya. You said Delhiwale pagal hain. (My Pal, you have called me also insane as you said residents of Delhi are insane).

He said, “not you. I am saying for all those who talk of stubble burning by farmers to chock Delhi.

Stubble Burning

Do you think, the wind blows only towards Delhi. The smoke always flies towards Delhi and it stops and hover over there only. It does not go further to UP. Or doesn’t stop over Haryana. Or, it never flies to Lahore. Lahore is much nearer to Amritsar than Delhi.

If it really hovers and chocks a specific land area,  stubble burning is the easiest and cheapest method to chock Lahore. Do it. Do it more. I would say.

He continued, let me tell you why it is not farmers’ protest.

Rabi Crop

He said, it is rabi buai (time to plant crop of wheat to be ready in April). Kisan to kise ke jamne, marne par bhi jana na pasand kare. (A farmer doesn’t like to visit even for occasions like birth or death in his community). November- December is the busiest time for a farmer. No farmer can even imagine to be away from his fields.

These protests are organized by the master of the art of protests, the CPI (M). They did in 2014 also when NDA government had brought Land Bill. Their method is call it ‘issue based’ and thereby gather up opposition, even if they are at each other’s neck. If you see any Professors, Doctors and Professionals supporting, they are sworn members of the Left.

Dushman ka Dushman Bhai (An Enemy’s Enemy is Friend). CPI (M), Congress, AAP and others, exactly that.

I said, bhai tu to sahi gyani hai. (Brother, you are really knowledgeable).

He said, tu bhi kabhi pind aa jaya kar. Asli jindagi yahin hai. Farmers yahan hain. Neta wahan hai. Bas Akhbar, TV main photo aur dhan ka khail hai. (You should also come back to village some time. Real life is here. Farmers are here. Leaders are there. It is a game of One minute fame by seeing your photo in Newspapers and on TV and fund Collection).”

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