Officials from the income tax department conducted a raid in Jalna in a filmy way. To prevent anyone from learning that the Income Tax Department officials have come to raid, they disguised themselves as groomsmen who came in wedding automobiles with “Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge” plates. Income Tax authorities conducted eight days of raids in Jalna and found 390 crore unlawful assets.
Maharashtra is well-known for the steel produced in Jalna. However, the Income Tax Department has highlighted the illegal steel manufacturing sector. The income tax authorities searched the residences, farms, and offices of the steel production enterprises.

The raid resulted in a mass discovery that included 58 crores in cash, 32 kilograms of gold jewelry, and 16 crores worth of diamonds. Additionally, 300 crores worth of property paperwork.

Beginning on August 1, of this raid session, 8 days were involved in this action. Different teams made simultaneous raids at various locations with the help of Income Tax Department officials. The three rolling mills in the new MIDC were the subject of an investigation by the Income Tax Department, as well as the associated financial activities. A well-known Aurangabad businessman and a land developer are among them. This operation involved taking as much cash as 390 crores. The counting of this money took sixteen hours.

It was not documented that these four large steel mills in Jalna had extra cash flow from deals totaling crores of rupees. As a result, the Income Tax Department carried out its raid in an extremely covert manner.

These industrialists’ homes, workplaces, and farms were invaded. At the same time, five teams worked. The team first came up empty-handed. However, panic sets in later as the team raids a farm outside of the city. Money was discovered in bundles under the bed and in the closet. Three industrial workers and cash were discovered in this. Additionally, gold decorations, gold bricks, gold biscuits, money, and gems were discovered. 32 kilograms of gold in total were taken. There have been discovered unaccounted assets totaling almost 300 crores. In Aurangabad, two businessmen were also raided. They had cash of 58 crores taken from them. It contains diamonds and embellishments made of 16-carat gold.

In this process, 25 fabric bags with bundles of notes were used. The local state bank was then visited to count this sum. Around 11 am, the counting began, and it was completed at 1 pm.

It is interesting to note that the Income Tax Department officers disguised themselves as bridegroom prior to traveling to Jalna so that no one would be harmed by their acts. To keep this secret, these officials arrived in the city in a wedding car. Interesting stickers reading “Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge” were also placed on the cars to indicate that the drivers had come for the wedding. These stickers were also on the cars of Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik, and Pune officials. Stickers of the bride and groom were on one automobile. Each set of cops also received a unique “Code-Word.” There were 120 automobiles and 260 officers in the fleet.

Piyush Jain, a perfume dealer from Uttar Pradesh, started recovering millions of rupees this year from his bases in Kannauj and Kanpur. As a result, many more powerful individuals continued to fall into these government organizations’ grasp. The IT raid was then extended to other states of the nation via Electronic City Noida.

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