Let’s be real and admit that things we don’t usually understand are categorized as ‘alien’ and ‘other’ and often hated. Hindus and tribals are one such category. The common word used for hatred for Hindus and related pagans around the world is ‘Hinduphobia.’ However, the correct word to describe hatred for Hindus is ‘Hindumisia.’

Phobia means fear. Hatred, or –misia has origins in the Greek language. Hindumisia therefore is hatred for Hindus. Phobia has gentle connotations; arachnophobia is fear of spiders; aerophobia is fear of flying; claustrophobia is fear of confided spaces. The hatred and violence inflicted on Hindus is beyond being a silly fear of Hindus. The hatred of Hindus is Hindumisia.

Hatred towards a group of people should not be categorized as a phobia. Hatred and violence towards Hindus should be addressed correctly for what it is. Hatred is not a silly condition or a cute phobia. Rapes and murders of Hindus in corrupt Islamic and Christian societies are not due to phobias; annihilation of Hindus is due to hatred towards them. Destruction of Hindu temples, violent murders of Hindu saints, priests, destruction of idols and places of worship by Christians in East Indian states in the name of conversion and salvage should be called what it is — Hindumisia.

In short, the fantasy which Christians and Islamists are carrying out in India to divide and rule again is not a silly movement. Hindu kids being tormented in schools and fake Hindu narrative being taught in school books is not cute; Indian political leaders trying to make a difference in society being violently harassed and ridiculed on social media is not a laughing phenomena. Protectors of people and faith on the ground being murdered for protecting Hinduism is not cute. Hindu deities depicted on toilet seats and underwear is not a silly phobia being exercised. Islamic imperialism and Christian colonialism are realities in Hindu-Indian history. Organized religions’ hatred towards Hindus is a phenomena which is Hindumisia. Meaning, Hindus need to die. If they are lucky, they will get a chance to convert because Jesus loves them. There is nothing silly or cute about inflicted hatred on an entire group of people.

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