A scoundrel stormed into a Bhagwan Hanuman temple in Ranch, Jharkhand, on September 27 night, damaging the main deity’s murti. Locals in Ranchi who observed the defaced murti the following morning were the ones who first learned of the incident, which took place near the Hindpuri Police Station neighborhood.

According to reports, Vicky Vishwakarma discovered the temple’s lock broken when he went to clean it on the morning of September 28. He entered the temple and saw that the mace and the forehead of the statue of Bhagwan Hanuman were both broken.

After hearing about the vandalism, a sizable group of neighborhood residents gathered at the temple. They reported the incident to the police, and an investigation followed. The culprit was identified after reviewing the CCTV footage as Rameez Ahmed.

Ahmed was detained by the police right away but tried to shield the accused by saying that he was mentally disturbed. However, the police’s justification was not accepted by the community. Aaj Tak was informed by some locals that Ahmed had not even touched the silver crown or the donation box.

Residents have told Aaj Tak that despite the police’s claims that the accused is mentally ill, they have some concerns about his specific targeting of the murtis. Additionally, they said that earlier that evening, when local Hindus were discussing Durga Puja preparations, some radicals raised their religious banners to agitate them.

Islamists have frequently targeted this temple. A radical mob had thrown stones at this shrine on June 10. This took place when the controversy surrounding Nupur Sharma, a former BJP spokesperson, and her alleged disparaging comments against Mohammed during a debate on television erupted. An additional police contingent has been stationed in the area to ensure order.

Locals noted that just the Hanuman murti was harmed; all other treasures in the temple, including the donation box, were secure. This proves that the thief broke into the temple with the express intention of damaging the holy statue. Before beginning the regular prayers and ceremonies, the devotees stated that they will cleanse the temple. The state government, however, has been blamed for the tragedy by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

It is important to note that this incident occurred on the same day when two Islamist ladies were apprehended in Hyderabad desecrating a Durga murti in a puja pandal. They had been captured by locals, who turned them over to the police.

Fascinatingly, even, in that case, a family member of the accused began to assert that both of the accused was mentally unstable not long after they were both arrested.

It has become a common strategy among Islamists to get away with vandalizing Hindu temples and murtis and then blaming it on “mental instability” after being arrested. In Bangladesh and India, these extremists frequently employ this template. The recent nationwide anti-Hindu pogrom in Bangladesh during the Durga Puja is a horrifying example of how far these fanatics would go to oppress non-Muslims, especially Hindus.

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